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Ely’s Awakening

Elys Awakening

The murder of Quentin’s lover for daring to “come out” devastates Quentin, and he shields himself as best he can from the past, choosing a life of relative solitude. Resigning himself to a life alone, Quentin doesn’t anticipate meeting a young man who shares his passions. Drawn to this man, he realizes how much he misses someone special in his life, and he longs for the days he shared with his former lover. Hesitant to act upon feelings he was certain had died along with his former lover, Quentin is torn between renewed feelings and the fear of being deeply hurt again.

Ely welcomed the man by patting the sand, and the man stretched out, enjoying the warm rays on his skin. He was a handsome man with thick dark hair and Ely estimated him to be a little older than he, twenty-five at the most. Ely didn’t mean to stare, yet he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off this man.

The stranger reached out to shake Ely’s hand and said confidently, “I’m Quentin, Quentin Jones.”

Ely shook his hand and introduced himself as well, still mesmerized by the man’s forwardness. After a period of silence, he found the courage to ask, “What brings you to Galveston, sir?”

“Oh, my goodness, call me Quentin, please.” Quentin continued, “I teach literature at The University of Texas in Houston. I come to Galveston every chance I can, though. I love the beach and the warm waters of the Gulf.”

Ely explained that he was working at the ice cream parlor during the mornings, and came to the beach in the afternoons and evenings. “Stop by,” he boldly invited the man he had just met.

“I’ll do that,” Quentin didn’t hesitate to reply, followed by a wink. Looking Ely directly in the eyes, he asked, “Would you like to see my house. It’s just up the beach.”

Ely didn’t know what to do. This was what he had wanted, yet he had been taught to be wary of strangers. He was suddenly aware that he was staring into Quentin’s eyes which were waiting for an answer.

“I’d love to.”

“Great,” Quentin replied.

Ely followed Quentin up the beach to his house. When they entered, he almost gasped. The house was beautiful, adorned with the most exquisite antiques which Quentin had inherited from his grandparents and parents. Everything seemed to have a place, and everything was in its place.

In a small corner of the library underneath a copy of Moby Dick was a letter addressing Quentin as “The Love of My Life.” It was from two years ago, and from the sketchy timeline Ely could piece together, it appeared that Quentin and another man had an intimate relationship for three years. For Quentin’s sake, he never mentioned that he was his lover, and they always met in secretive locations. As he skimmed the letter, Ely came to the last page which was very disturbing.

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
She’s a rock goddess.
He’s a sex pistol.

I need them both, in my life and in my bed, and I’m not living without either one of them.

I’ll do whatever it takes, even if it costs me everything I’ve ever wanted.

I’m Tommy Blade, The Prince of Punk Rock, and this is the continuation of our story.

Warning: This book is for mature audiences only.

When Jessi Blade is forced to miss the first leg of Immortal Angel’s world tour, Tommy Blade and Angel Garcia are alone together for the first time. Their romance flourishes and brings them closer together, but time apart puts a strain on Tommy and Jessi’s marriage. The demanding schedule of a world tour, pressure from the record label and a wife who feels neglected, leaves Tommy under a blanket of anxiety. He’s helpless as his perfect life slowly falls to pieces.

When Jessi Blade finally catches up to Tommy and Angel four weeks into their world tour, she begins to feel like an outsider. She’s not about to take a back seat to Angel and competes for Tommy’s attention. Tired of the rivalry, she begins to wonder if they’d be happier without her.

Angel Garcia is trying to hold their relationship together, but Jessi’s animosity and Tommy’s nervous tension is a heavy load to carry. Before long, it becomes clear that their life and the band are doomed unless they work out their differences.

Angel slid under the covers and extended his arm, capturing Tommy in a warm embrace. Tommy nestled in the crook of Angel’s shoulder, but sleep no longer beckoned. He stirred and flipped onto his back. “I’m not used to sleeping like this. The bed feels empty.”

“It’s not empty. I’m here.” Angel sounded hurt.

“I know. I’m sorry. I’m just used to being sandwiched between you and Jessi. I don’t know what to do with my other arm.

Angel took Tommy’s free hand and kissed it. “This hand belongs to me for the next few weeks.” He put Tommy’s hand flat on his chest over his heart. “Do you feel that? Each beat of my heart is telling you how much I love you. Every night this is where your hand will rest and listen to the depth of my love for you.” A gentle hand tucked strands of hair behind Tommy’s ear. Warm lips met his neck and a hot, thick tongue licked tiny circles on the sensitive skin and warm breath blew on his cheek like a summer breeze. Tommy kept his eyes closed and reached for his lover’s cheek. He tilted his head to the side to allow Angel’s magnificent tongue to bathe him. “That’s the way I want you to wake me up every morning for the rest of my life.” Tommy slid his hand across Angel’s broad chest and around his waist. He looked into the dark eyes of the man he loved and a warm sensation spread through his chest. “How did you get to be so romantic?”

“Romance is all I think about when it comes to you, mi amor. I used to pine for you at night, never taking a lover because my heart was already married to you. I used to hug my pillow to my chest to prevent it from breaking in two. One night I cried into it for fear that a relationship with you was too absurd to work. I was afraid that in the long run you would leave me, and I would perish. You are my prince, my knight in shining armor.”


A stray photographer pursued Jessi as she entered the venue. She smiled and waved but he followed her. “How is the tour going? What city is Immortal Angel headed to next?”

“Very busy,” she answered over her shoulder. “And we’re off to Amsterdam tomorrow.”

He was persistent and trailed after her. “Can you tell us about the new album? How many songs has the band recorded so far?”

She smiled at the photographer without offering a response.

He was relentless and tried to grab her attention with an onslaught of personal questions, most of which she ignored. “How does it feel to be reunited with Tommy and Angel after being separated for so long? What was it like being away from each other? Did it change your relationship?”

Each question irritated her more than the last, and it took all of her willpower not to hurl four letter words at him.

The questions continued. “Do you think Tommy and Angel were glad you stayed home so they could spend time alone? They’re closer. Everyone can see it. They bumped you out of that red carpet photo just now. How did that make you feel?”

She stopped dead. She didn’t care if she was late or missed the entire performance. This photographer hit a raw and festering nerve. How dare you insinuate – ”

Marissa grabbed Jessi’s arm and pulled her away from the photographer. “Don’t listen to him. He was baiting you into giving him something he could turn into a juicy piece of gossip.”

Jessi knew that, but his accusations were hateful. She reflected on his questions and wondered if a small part of them were true. Some of the headlines from the photos in her scrapbook flashed in her head. While The Mrs. Is Away, The Boys Will Play and No Wife, Happy Life.

“Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” Book Two in the Radical Rock Stars series, and a MUST READ, by Jenna Galicki, is available from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, Kobo, Google Books, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print. Our website is

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Pretty Boy Hunting

Erotic Romance/Suspense

Erotic Romance/Suspense

When the feared locomotive arrives in the small town, Jet waits at the rundown station to discover the truth about the old iron horse that has long been feared by the townspeople. Coming face to face with a mysterious man dressed all in black, he has a barrage of questions for the lone rider. The quick tempered man is somewhat amused by Jet’s juvenile inquiries but the inquisition does not deter him from his secret mission. Jet’s name is not on the list, but the man in black decides that he will be an amusing distraction. With a little coercion, a friendly dare, and the offer of a train ride to a place he will never forget, the sexy man lures Jet inside.

“So, it’s true. There really is a mystery man aboard this old thing. What’s your name…Jesse James?”

The taunting tone in the young man’s voice caused a familiar stir in the rider’s gut. “No, sir,” he answered. The manner in which the young man stepped back when the rider extended his hand caused a smirk to form on the rider’s lips. He was a fine young man with dark hair and dark eyes. He was fairly tall and well proportioned…not too skinny. The lone rider liked that in a man. He took his time studying the daring young man. He was young enough not to have known many of the pleasures that a man could give him, but he was too bold and cocky for his own good. This was one horse that would need to be broken.

A teasing smile was formed by the thick lips of the young man as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other. He stood facing the train’s traveler with his hands on his hips and announced proudly, “The name is Jackson, but my friends call me Jet.”

The pride evident in his proclamation made the dark mysterious man laugh, a deep throaty laugh that was clearly meant to be mocking in its tone. “Well, Jet, why are you here?”

“Curious, I guess. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about?”


“Yes, fuss. You should see this little town when this old piece of tin whines and moans its way along the tracks.” He kicked his foot out in a pretend kick to the old train to make his point. “Everyone is so scared of it. They stop in their tracks as if they were struck by lightning. It’s insane.”

The mysterious man rubbed his chin. “Is it?”

The darkly dressed man challenged the younger man. “Well, how about a ride on this old, what did you call it, piece of tin?”

Jet looked down at his feet, rolling the toe of his boot on the cement floor of the station. He couldn’t chicken out now, and the man was mysteriously sexy. He looked up and the dark eyes seemed almost black now as they peered into his own. “Sure, I’ll go.”

It was dark inside the old locomotive. The windows were blackened and Jet could not see a thing. “Make yourself at home. It’s going to be a long ride.”


Photographs of handsome men and beautiful women dressed in formal attire were mounted on the walls along with photographs of Dakta. The photos of Dakta were breathtaking and they captured the man perfectly in everything from formal dress to completely nude. Some of them showed a great deal of discretion, but others detailed everything. Arousal showed in every part of him. The dark brooding eyes were mesmerizing, but it was the body that was a work of art. Dakta’s chest was broad and thick, tapering down to a well toned torso, nearly perfect, as if sculpted. The long legs made Jet’s mouth water as he thought of them intertwined with his own. He returned to the eyes, the intensity so great they appeared to be seeing into him from the photograph.

“Do you own this place?”

“No. This ‘place’ belongs to Miles.”

“Pretty Boy Hunting”, erotic romance by B.J. Scott, is available in the Apple iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Sony Reader Store, Google Play, All Romance ebooks, and Kobo ebooks. Our website is

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The Trouble With Furries

Gay Erotic Romance Menage

Gay Erotic Romance Menage

Daniel is young, confident, gay, and fascinated by the wolf, feeling that the animal is a reflection of himself. After losing his boyfriend, the alpha in their relationship, he craves a new alpha and finds Patrick, a handsome thirty year old, at club Trade. When Daniel begins working at the club, he meets a flirtatious blond who introduces him to his world, the unfamiliar world of the furry. Bringing Chad into his relationship with Patrick, Daniel carefully navigates the intricacies of an ongoing threesome while delving deeper into a world he fears, yet feels that he belongs.

Daniel looked into the mirror and liked what he saw: the short hair and angular all-American face as his lean muscles dripped water from the hot shower. The mirror never lied, and that night it told him by reflection that he was hot. Absently, he ran a finger across his smile to feel the teeth below it and stopped at a canine. Playfully, he growled at his image and ran the same hand down his lanky body. He brought his gaze back up to his dark short hair and dark eyes: an animal’s eyes. He wondered if he could have been a wolf in another life and he smiled at the idea of having run naked in the primordial woods. “This time will be different,” Daniel exhaled. He shut out the image of Dean before it overwhelmed him: handsome and blond, dominant and strong, leaving him here all alone for a ship at sea. A cool smile spread across Daniel’s lips. “I will find me a new Alpha.”

The man was a little taller than his own six feet, a little older by about ten years, and Daniel was caught by the man’s brown appraising eyes, barely visible from the long bangs parted to the side.

Intense desire emanated from the man. “What’s your name?”

“Daniel,” Daniel bit his lip, “and yours?”


Daniel curled his lip in an unconscious manner. “What are we doing after this?”

In pure confidence, Patrick moved closer. Daniel felt intimidated and he liked it.
“Taking you home.”

Patrick’s loft was a conversion of two separate apartments, neatly arranged and antiseptic. Daniel, regardless of his initial discomfort, strutted in and eyed the furniture, aware that he was being watched.

“Do I make you nervous?”

“Nah, I’m just…”

“Thinking about your boyfriend?”

Daniel laughed, “No. He went off and left me; not for somebody else, but for the Navy.”

Patrick’s eyes hardened, curious to figure out the guy he had picked up. “Are you really cool with this?”

“You’re the Alpha, you tell me.” Daniel stepped closer and felt the body heat pass between them.

“Alpha,” Patrick was perplexed.

Daniel continued, “I’ve always been fascinated by the wolf pack.”

“I can be your Alpha.”

Images of running naked through the night woods filled Daniel’s excited head. He wanted to say more but could not find the words. “I’m fine with that. I can be a good Beta.”

Dean had returned and was his alpha once again. His apartment was rigid and clean, Navy-neat in efficiency. Daniel cooked, cleaned, and serviced his man in every way possible. Nothing mattered except for his sailor. In a short time, Daniel had lost his connection to his wild side and was completely domesticated. All of his belongings had been left behind in a whim when he walked out on his old life. Nothing he used was his, from the game he played to the clothes he wore. He felt that he too was property of his alpha, and the idea comforted him. Dean had tamed him and he gladly took his place as a beta and settled into an isolated routine. Daniel briefly glanced at his blond master, catching his blue green eyes. They were so like the ocean and just as hypnotic with their pull. The one thing that haunted him was that the animals were still in his head waiting in the dark for the right moment to pounce.

Out of the blue, Dean said he had to go back out to sea, back to the boat where the Navy called him to service. The talk with Patrick on the phone shortly after had been terse. But with the change of events, it was Daniel’s only real option. So he had to tuck his tail between his legs and beg for a place to stay.

“The Trouble With Furries”, gay erotic romance menage by David Sharp, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Amazon, B&N, Sony, Kobo, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. Available in print from Amazon and B&N. For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above. Our website is

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Rhapsody in Bohemia

Heartwarming Lesbian Love Story

Heartwarming Lesbian Love Story

In 1976 romantic love was between a man and a woman. Women who loved women could never admit their desire. For two young women who were best friends but knew in their hearts they were so much more, life was far from easy. In their town, in their world, two girls together was not acceptable. Prejudice relating to race, ethnicity and religion was rampant in their community. But no one spoke of sexuality. No one used the words gay or lesbian. Those people did not exist. For Mira and Bridget, what begins with simple kisses ends when Mira goes to college and Bridget travels to New York City. When Mira graduates, she spends a weekend with Bridget who introduces her to a lesbian club, and it is then, in 1981, that the two young women realize they must decide if they are willing to live a lie or embrace an unconventional life disdained by their heterosexual counterparts.

Her statuesque silhouette was visible against the backdrop of the snow-capped mountain. Glistening in the afternoon sun, her wavy auburn hair bounced as she approached. Our eyes met; hers were green like oak leaves in spring. She reached out her delicately strong fingers to caress my face, and then she placed her warm subtle lips to mine. I was reeling with delight as she…

“Mira, it’s time to get up.”

What was that dream about? Mira thought as she slowly opened her tired blue eyes. She rolled out of bed, placed her feet onto the warm wooden floor while stretching to turn on her new Queen record, then began to sing along as she chose her outfit.


They were sitting on the edge of the bed holding hands and without thinking, Mira leaned over and kissed Bridget on the lips. It was their first real kiss. It was more than a kiss between friends, and Bridget’s body became electrified. Mira placed her hands on Bridget’s face as the kiss continued.

“Wow, Mira, I never felt anything like that before,” Bridget said with a smile.

“Me neither.”

“I’ll see you at work tomorrow?” asked Bridget.

“You can count on it.”

Bridget walked Mira downstairs and watched as she walked down the steps and across the street to go home. Little did she know what lay ahead in their relationship.

“Bridget, don’t you have any other friends, friends more like you?” asked Bridget’s mom.

“Mira’s my best friend, Mom. She gets me. I would think that would make you happy,” Bridget said in an angry tone.

“You two just seem a little too close, is all.”

Bridget froze and didn’t know what to say to that. She felt scared again. “I’m tired, Mom. Do you mind if I go to bed?” The feeling of fear was growing inside of Bridget as she lay down to sleep. What if her mother found out that she was kissing Mira? What would she and her father think? She felt scared and alone and wished Mira were there with her.

A few days later when Bridget arrived at work, Mike and C.J. were also working. They started teasing her about Mira holding her hand on the rollercoaster. Had she made light of it, they may have stopped, but the look of fright on her face was just what they needed to keep going. The more upset and scared she appeared, the more they needled her. When C.J. called her a lesbian, it was more than she could bear. She turned and said, “I’m not a lesbian. I’ll prove it to you at your apartment Saturday night if you want.”

“Rhapsody in Bohemia”, a heartwarming lesbian love story by Zaku Aka, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle Stores, Rainbow ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Bookstrand, Google Play, All Romance ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. Our website is

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Master of Criminals – Rescue (Part 1)

International Crime Drama

International Crime Drama

Since Kyon’s kidnapping, Tashi feels responsible for his abduction. He assembles a team to go to Saint Petersburg, as it is believed that Vladimir is in Russia and Kyon is with him, if he is still alive. The local police insist they know nothing and that they have no records of Vladimir or Ryzdul, so Tashi and his team decide to investigate in person and go to Russia. They learn that Vladimir frequents rather peculiar night clubs, and a plan is set into motion to find him.

Following the Master’s arrival, Vladimir has had little time to indulge his somewhat peculiar sexual appetites, so when he notices the sexy blonde angels kissing each other on the dance floor, he feels the desire growing inside of him and he approaches the gorgeous foreigners. Although they dismiss him quickly, the way they dance together arouses Vlad’s innermost desires and the way they speak make him lust for them even more. He is unaware that it is a set up, but he is much too clever to be caught easily, if ever, and there is no guarantee that he will lead the foreign guests to the Master.

Vladimir watched them dance. It was difficult to tell which of them was more handsome than the other, the silver-haired blonde or the golden-haired blonde. They were both gorgeous and perfect in every way. They danced together sensually and aroused Vlad’s innermost desires. Both of them were tall, strong, sexy, and incredibly beautiful, causing Vladimir to lust for them, even though they leaned and touched each other as if they had already chosen partners for the night. It didn’t matter. Vladimir had chosen them. To his puzzlement, the gorgeous foreigners dismissed him by informing him that they would be spending the night together. After evaluating how deeply their words had stung, the platinum-haired blonde stared at him and said in a charming dreamy way, “But who knows about tomorrow? Just behave and wait for our call.” Vladimir felt his blood boiling. Behave? Of course he could instruct his men to seize the beautiful specimens right away, but the promise of tomorrow had an unanticipated effect upon him. They exchanged phone numbers and walked away, saying they would be back tomorrow. Promises hung in the air. Vlad would have to get free from his commitments, as only a nuclear disaster would prevent him from returning to the club if the hot tourists called him. With his heart racing, Vlad watched them walk away. They moved like cats. He could hardly wait for tomorrow.

As always, Vladimir’s exit would be preceded by a multitude of security measures. One man would go all the way to the mansion to scan the road for unusual out comings. After that, his head of security would allow him to leave the club. Normally Vlad would complain and check his watch every minute, but tonight he was so entranced by the blondes that he didn’t notice the five minute delay from the green light indicating that he was to leave.

“Master of Criminals – Rescue (Part 1),” a gripping international crime novel by A.J. Reyes, is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, Google Play, All Romance ebooks, Sony, and Coffeetime Romance.

Rescue – Part 2 (the exciting conclusion of the ‘Master of Criminals’ series) is coming soon, as well as the print book of Master of Criminals – Rescue.

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The Seed

An Ironic Political Thriller

An Ironic Political Thriller

The new U.S. President is a ruthless scoundrel.  His activist son, Diego, discovers that his father conspired with the CEO of a major oil company and the dictator of Venezuela to manipulate the oil markets, causing high gas prices, and ensuring his election as a drill friendly president.  Diego’s environmental action group exposes the President’s illegal act, unleashing a firestorm of criticism against the president, and several nasty murder attempts against Diego by the big oil CEO.  The President’s troubles increase when a mistress comes forward claiming to be carrying his child, his wife sues for divorce, and the dictator of Venezuela invades neighboring countries to control their oil, and threatens the U.S. with an attack of donated North Korean nuclear missiles if the U.S. tries to intervene.  And this is only a small part of this tangled tale of intrigue and struggle for power.  Diego and the President both try to take control of this out-of-control situation, but many surprising twists and turns finally lead to an unexpected resolution.  

Edward Perez, the President Elect of the United States of America, was clearing out his office at Perez Petroleum in downtown Chicago.  It was not an easy task for him to relinquish control of the business he had founded in a parched Texas town over forty years ago.  He had started out with nothing, building Perez Petroleum into the second largest, privately held, gas and oil exploration company in the United States with many additional overseas contracts.  By cleverly leveraging his humble beginnings, the exploding worldwide energy crisis – and with the help of major Republican backing, and corporate money – he had overcome all opposition to his candidacy – despite the heroic efforts to defeat him by the environmentalists and (what Ed called) the dippity-do liberals.


Diego was ushered into the President’s private office.  He was surprised to find an extremely handsome Mediterranean looking young man already waiting. 

“Diego…,” the President extended his hand.  This President did not do hugs.  “Glad you could make it at such short notice.”

“Dad.”  Diego acknowledged his father.  “You wanted to see me privately?”  He questioningly nodded towards the young man.

“Yes.  Delicate matter.  But important.”  He turned to the stranger.  “Have you two met?”

Diego answered, “No.  Why is he here?”

“Well, let’s just say it’s about a domestic matter that concerns you and Brandon.  This is Mohammad Hamam.  He’s one of our FBI agents on special assignment.  He was chosen for his very unique talents, and he has a little story you might find enlightening.”

Mohammad smiled and leaned back.  “Sweet – very sweet.  This is when I really love my work.”  He was sitting on a sofa and patted the cushion next to him, inviting Diego to join him. 

“Okay spill it, what’s the deal?”

“Guess where I was this afternoon?”

“I don’t know – Saskatchewan.”

“Doing your buddy in the men’s room at the UIC library.”

Diego turned grey and quickly looked up at his father.  “Whatis this?”

“I was assigned to seduce your – what’s his name? – Brandon.”

“Just wanted you to see what your partner is really like,” Ed smirked.  “Isn’t it time you dumped the jerk?”


Ed ushered Lia down the hall to his room, closing the door softly behind them.

“How did you get rid of the agents?” Lia asked.

“Sent one to check the parimeter of the house, and the other to check on Carmella.”

“But you’ve left yourself exposed.”

“Only to you.”  Ed rather aggressively led her to the bed, throwing her back onto the spread, and himself on top of her.  “You just drive me crazy, you minx.” 

“Is everything all right in there, sir?  Do you need assistance?” an agent asked through the door.

“Lia whispered, “Ask him how he is at unfastening bra straps.” 

“The Seed,” an ironic political thriller by Jon McDonald, filled with deceit, espionage, suspense, sex, and more, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, the Amazon stores, Rainbow ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Bookstrand, Coffeetime Romance, and All Romance ebooks.  Our website is  This book is also available in print.

For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

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Bridesmen of Madison County

Humorous Romantic Fiction

Humorous Romantic Fiction

A beautiful five-star resort in the Pocono Mountains is the setting for the grand wedding of sexy Soap Opera star, Ricardo Santiago, and his fiancée.  The wedding planner in charge is Madison County, a hefty and outspoken woman, and a fashion disaster in a blue satin blouse tucked into a baggy pair of white linen slacks over blue open-toed wedges.  She lurks over her uproarious followers like the Evil Queen from a child’s nightmare.  As the many bridesmen arrive, each brings unique drama, with an older man and his boy toy only a sampling of the eclectic mix.  The entire resort quickly becomes a media free-for-all with camera crews, television reporters and mobs of parasitic fans slithering about, and one particularly obnoxious reporter eager to uncover the many skeletons in the closets of the wedding couple and stake her claim to media fame.  With her sharp eye and even sharper tongue, she hunts the audience like a starving king cobra looking for its prey. 

With its over-the-top drama, humor, and truths uncovered, both good and bad, “Bridesmen of Madison County” is a heartwarming novel of extraordinary people living extraordinary lives.

The front door of T.J. Bookers swung open with a mighty force.  The gust of cold winter air toppled the magazine rack near the checkout counter.

 “Is it me or are these Twi-hards getting younger and younger every day?” laughed Shannon O’Rourke.  “Bring the equipment in, boys.  You can set up the cameras when that entire little sideshow leaves.”  Shannon snapped her compact shut and smacked the strawberry flavored gloss over both lips.  She stood perfectly still, except for her head, which hunted the audience like a starving king cobra looking for its prey.  It wasn’t long before the hard-hitting journalist spotted the familiar face of Evan Merck, and released her venom.  “Oh look, it’s Twinky Dinky.  Where are the rest of the tubbies and your bunk buddy, Father Time?”

“Let me tell you something, Hagatha.  I may be a ‘twinky’, but at least my dinky has seen a hell of a lot more action than your old, dried-out, cobweb collector,” Evan retorted. 

Evan Merck was an attractive twenty-two-year-old with light red hair and eyes the color of a tropical ocean that he would use to melt the most evil of hearts.  The young man benefited from a beautiful smile and a gym fed body which he offered to both the gentlemen and the young ladies. 


Madison County rode in the back seat of the Lincoln Town Car hollering into her smartphone at a former client.  The hefty woman with her newly processed pink highlights took a deep breath and popped a lemon Jolly Rancher into her mouth.  “Why do I always seem to get hired only by drama queens and lunatic lesbians?”  Madison vented to the driver.  Madison County had a tall stature, with auburn hair highlighted with pink streaks and worn in what could only be described as a crushed beehive.  Her oval face and bright red lips rested atop linebacker shoulders.  She was carrying a pair of double D’s that she strutted high and proud underneath her dreadful attempt at fashion.  Madison wore a blue satin blouse that tied high around her neck tucked into a baggy pair of white linen slacks over blue open-toed wedges.  The final nail in the project scumway disaster was the faded blue wool blazer and the fifties styled horn-rimmed glasses that had some guests questioning the true sexuality of the wedding planner. 

“Bridesmen of Madison County,” an over-the-top, humorous, action packed romance by Mark Thornton, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, the Amazon stores, Rainbow ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Bookstrand, Coffeetime Romance, and All Romance ebooks.  Our website is  This book is also available in print.

For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

Below are a few individual links to “Bridesmen of Madison County” in the iBookstores, by country: – Canada – Great Britain – New Zealand – Switzerland


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Dog Tagged

Dog Tagged

Military Romance/Drama

Drill instructor Sergeant Clay Norris has his hands full.  Between new recruits and a Senior Drill Sergeant with an attitude hanging over him, the last thing he needs is to develop a crush on one of his trainees, but Private Chevy “Banksy” Banks is an Adonis he is unable to resist.  A natural leader, the young man draws the other troops in with his easy manner and warm-as-the-Sun smile, a combination that melts the trying-to-sound-tough young Drill Sergeant.

When the Senior Drill manages to tear the two men apart before anything beyond fantasies and longing glances can happen, Clay tries to move on and forget Banksy, throwing himself into his career, knowing that he may have to wait until he retires from the military to be able to partner up, while understanding the irony that he is defending a freedom he is not yet allowed, the freedom to be who he is and to pursue the person he loves. 

Fate brings Clay and Banksy together again for a brief and joyous reunion when they are able to begin planning a future, that same fate cruelly ripping them apart once more, with each facing a trauma alone. 

Dog Tagged is set post DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) and pre the policy’s repeal; a time when being openly gay had seen many a lost career in the service.  Sexually explicit in places, this story offers only a glimpse of how some men and women serving their country are not afforded the same rights as the heterosexuals with whom they fight side by side. 

Incidents in Dog Tagged are based on true events.   

Private Banks was at the top of the company in everything we did.  When we climbed the rope lines in the obstacle course, he was like a coconut crab, scrambling down the line in record time.  Crossing the parallel bars in front of the dining hall, he looked like a young ape swinging through the jungle.  When the rest of the group was throwing up, sneezing and spitting after removing their gas masks in the gas chamber, Banksy managed to hold it together with only a few stinging tears tracking down his cheeks after giving his social security number to the sergeant in charge.  When it came to learning rank and rules he was head and shoulders above the other guys; Bravo Company had a contender for trainee of the cycle, which meant top spot and an award given by the Brigade commander at graduation from basic. 

There was only one thing Chevy Banks failed at and that was throwing a grenade.


By the time I had a couple of beers, I had a couple of guys lined up to come back to base with me.  I had my uniform hanging in the backseat, which served as a kind of catnip come-on to the guys I had picked up, a hot blond and his even hotter dark haired friend.  I couldn’t have Chevy and I needed an outlet, and since these guys were revved up and ready to go, why not take advantage? 

When the civilians said they had no place for us to go, I got them in the car and after some hot ‘n heavy make-out, I took them back to the base.  And there we were, having the time of our lives, windows fogged from our breath, rain tapping on the roof as lines of sweat streaked down over our mostly naked bodies.  I think I still had a sock on, the blond still wore a thin shirt but it had been unbuttoned and was flapping on either side of him like spent wings, his smooth muscular chest exposed to me, while the other guy had managed to strip totally in the front seat. 

As much fun as I was having, I would have traded everything we were doing for one closed mouth, both of us fully clothed, kiss with Chevy.


“Want some company, for chow?” I asked, drinking in Banksy’s face like it was water and I had been in the desert, which I had and was, but we had no problem importing water.  The only thing I had been lacking was standing in front of me. 

“I’m so damn glad to see you I wouldn’t mind if you showered with me, Sir.” 

It was a joke, I knew, but it got me hard.  I had just found him and I didn’t want to leave him, but his Captain arrived, there were other trucks that needed Banksy’s touch (not more than I needed that touch, but in a motor pool in a war zone was not the place to argue that), so we set a time and I went back to my quarters to, well, who would we be kidding if I didn’t just say it – dress for our date.  I would have brought flowers if I thought it was acceptable. 

“Dog Tagged,” a military drama/romance novel by James Brock, is available in the iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Sony Reader Store, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, Coffeetime Romance, and All Romance ebooks.  For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

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Master Rosso

Master Rosso

Gay Erotic Fiction

The shy Nelson had never met a man like Rosso.  He took his breath away with his mysterious sexiness and spontaneity.  The night they met, the commanding Rosso had watched as man after man tried to charm his way into Nelson’s bed, and he had smiled slyly as man after man had been rejected.  Rosso had won Nelson over with the promise of a life like no other.  The quiet little man could not resist the reclusive charmer, and he learned very quickly that he would know him only as Master.

“You are on time tonight.” 

“Yes,” Nelson replied.  He stood, as was expected, and welcomed the man he now knew as Master. 

“Hurry, Nelson, I cannot wait any longer.” 

Nelson hurried to stand before Rosso.  With one large hand, Rosso ripped Nelson’s shirt off and tore it into shreds.  Nelson stood helpless as Rosso held him at the waist with his huge thick hands.  He swiped his thick tongue across the hard nipples that never failed to respond to their one and only lover.  He bit hard and Nelson knew that he would bruise, but it was worth it. 


“Rosso, kiss me.” 

Rosso would not be told what to do.  He began to walk away, but Nelson begged him to stay.  He was on his knees on the shower floor with his arms wrapped around one of the thick legs of his master. 

“Please, Master, it will never happen again.” 

Rosso turned and patted Nelson on the head.  The little man lowered his eyes from his master’s gaze.  “I will stay then.” 

“Master Rosso”, gay erotic fiction, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, and Extasy Books.  Our website is

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