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Punk Rock-A-Bye Baby

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She rocks my world.
He sets my soul on fire.
We’ve traveled down a bumpy road, but we’ve finally found the balance.
It’s time to bring a new little rock star into our lives.

I’m Tommy Blade, the Prince of Punk Rock, and this is the next chapter in our story.

Loving two people is never easy, and Tommy Blade fights every day to ensure that his wife and his lover know that he loves them both equally. A commitment ceremony solidifies their pledge to one another and brings them closer together.

Jessi Blade is a lucky girl. With animosity behind them, she and Angel share a more intimate relationship and their lives flourish. She has everything she ever wanted – except a baby.

Angel Garcia never thought he’d share his life with a woman, no less marry one in a commitment ceremony. When a baby joins their family, it makes him realize how much Jessi really means to him.

The road Tommy, Jessi and Angel travel is never an easy one. Just when they’re at their happiest, an accident may very well change the course of their lives.

Tommy went for Jessi like an animal pouncing on his prey. He took her by the waist and pushed her back on the bed. His mouth was on hers, and his tresses fell like a curtain of golden silk. It prevented Angel from seeing the expression on their faces. It was one of the things he loved most about watching them. He tucked Tommy’s hair behind one ear so the silhouette of their faces was visible. Tommy’s lips covered Jessi’s, and his chest swelled with passion. There were little wrinkles between his brows which grew deeper when he pressed his mouth harder and turned it in a slow circle.

Jessi sighed and threw her head back as Tommy kissed his way down to her breasts. He ran his hands over her slender torso and kissed her waist. Jessi shuddered when his lips hit the area just below her navel.

Tommy abruptly sat back on his knees and yanked Jessi toward him. There was no hesitation or resistance as Jessi inhaled deeply and arched her back. Tommy gripped her hips and dug his fingers into her pelvis. His hair bounced and fanned his face. Glimpses of pouting, slightly-parted lips and a furrowed brow were visible between the flaxen strands of his long hair.

Jessi’s arms flailed wildly, and her breath came in heavy gasps. Bliss and ecstasy were clear across her face. Angel wondered what sex was like for a woman and if all women enjoyed it as much as Jessi.

“Punk Rock-A-Bye Baby,” Book Five in the Radical Rock Stars series, and a MUST READ by Jenna Galicki, is available from Amazon (Kindle Unlimited). Also available in print from Amazon. Click Here to Purchase

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Bridesmen of Madison County

Humorous Romantic Fiction

Humorous Romantic Fiction

A beautiful five-star resort in the Pocono Mountains is the setting for the grand wedding of sexy Soap Opera star, Ricardo Santiago, and his fiancée.  The wedding planner in charge is Madison County, a hefty and outspoken woman, and a fashion disaster in a blue satin blouse tucked into a baggy pair of white linen slacks over blue open-toed wedges.  She lurks over her uproarious followers like the Evil Queen from a child’s nightmare.  As the many bridesmen arrive, each brings unique drama, with an older man and his boy toy only a sampling of the eclectic mix.  The entire resort quickly becomes a media free-for-all with camera crews, television reporters and mobs of parasitic fans slithering about, and one particularly obnoxious reporter eager to uncover the many skeletons in the closets of the wedding couple and stake her claim to media fame.  With her sharp eye and even sharper tongue, she hunts the audience like a starving king cobra looking for its prey. 

With its over-the-top drama, humor, and truths uncovered, both good and bad, “Bridesmen of Madison County” is a heartwarming novel of extraordinary people living extraordinary lives.

The front door of T.J. Bookers swung open with a mighty force.  The gust of cold winter air toppled the magazine rack near the checkout counter.

 “Is it me or are these Twi-hards getting younger and younger every day?” laughed Shannon O’Rourke.  “Bring the equipment in, boys.  You can set up the cameras when that entire little sideshow leaves.”  Shannon snapped her compact shut and smacked the strawberry flavored gloss over both lips.  She stood perfectly still, except for her head, which hunted the audience like a starving king cobra looking for its prey.  It wasn’t long before the hard-hitting journalist spotted the familiar face of Evan Merck, and released her venom.  “Oh look, it’s Twinky Dinky.  Where are the rest of the tubbies and your bunk buddy, Father Time?”

“Let me tell you something, Hagatha.  I may be a ‘twinky’, but at least my dinky has seen a hell of a lot more action than your old, dried-out, cobweb collector,” Evan retorted. 

Evan Merck was an attractive twenty-two-year-old with light red hair and eyes the color of a tropical ocean that he would use to melt the most evil of hearts.  The young man benefited from a beautiful smile and a gym fed body which he offered to both the gentlemen and the young ladies. 


Madison County rode in the back seat of the Lincoln Town Car hollering into her smartphone at a former client.  The hefty woman with her newly processed pink highlights took a deep breath and popped a lemon Jolly Rancher into her mouth.  “Why do I always seem to get hired only by drama queens and lunatic lesbians?”  Madison vented to the driver.  Madison County had a tall stature, with auburn hair highlighted with pink streaks and worn in what could only be described as a crushed beehive.  Her oval face and bright red lips rested atop linebacker shoulders.  She was carrying a pair of double D’s that she strutted high and proud underneath her dreadful attempt at fashion.  Madison wore a blue satin blouse that tied high around her neck tucked into a baggy pair of white linen slacks over blue open-toed wedges.  The final nail in the project scumway disaster was the faded blue wool blazer and the fifties styled horn-rimmed glasses that had some guests questioning the true sexuality of the wedding planner. 

“Bridesmen of Madison County,” an over-the-top, humorous, action packed romance by Mark Thornton, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, the Amazon stores, Rainbow ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Bookstrand, Coffeetime Romance, and All Romance ebooks.  Our website is  This book is also available in print.

For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

Below are a few individual links to “Bridesmen of Madison County” in the iBookstores, by country: – Canada – Great Britain – New Zealand – Switzerland


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Jake’s Tale

Jake's Tale

Western/Cowboy Fiction

Separated from the cowboy he loves, Jake must find his way back or die trying, but not alone.  Together with the help of his new pal Frank Ward, a farm hand turned robber, they must endure all the dangers and desires of the rough and wild west to the end of the trail or to the end of a rope.

The moon is full overhead, illuminating the campsite with light and shadow from the surrounding trees.  A splash and a lower octave voice lure Jake toward the origin of the sounds.  Twigs snap underfoot as he walks out the cramps.  Pulling back some brush by the shore, he watches as Frank and Cole skinny dip in the lake hidden from plain sight. 

Cole grabs Frank and pushes him underwater.  Frank lunges up, breaking free, tries to turn the tables and get a hold of Cole, but Cole is stronger and manhandles him into a headlock as he walks him to shore in control.  The water drips off their nude bodies, their feet still submerged in the cool lake, and Cole wrestles Frank around in a new position maintaining the headlock but now from behind. 

“What cha doin’, Cole?”  Frank’s heart beats fast and the butterflies pound his stomach. 

“Nothing you don’t want.”  He pulls Frank closer, slightly loosening the headlock. 


“What the hell is this?  Jake stumbles, the dream dripping away, and he tries to cover his manhood with the thin blanket.  

He lies in the bed, his shirt off and pants unbuttoned, with a hand holding the only gun he has.  “I was only lying down with you, nothing else.”  Jake stands up and lets his hand drop, showing off the bulge in his jeans.  He finds his body reacting against his will.  He drops the sheet in favor of his jeans and finds that they are hard to pull up over a bulge of his own. 

“Frank, I can’t, you know that.” 

Frank puts his arms around him from behind so he can see their reflection together in the mirror.  “One of these days…”  He kisses the sweat from Jake’s neck. 

Jake exhales and leans back in the moment, lingering before pulling away.  “You are trouble.” 

“And you are one mighty fine looking man, Jake.” 

Jake breathes deeply again and smiles.  “Dusty is my world, you gotta understand.” 

“Jake’s Tale”, a cowboy/western by David Sharp, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Amazon, Sony, B&N, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance.  Our website is

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My Brother’s Secret Lover

My Brother's Secret Lover
Gay Erotica

With the house dark, Scott thinks that no one is home and he invites his lover inside.  The two of them look around in the dark and after assuring each other that the house is empty tonight, they begin to do what they have come here to do.  The secret lovers did not look everywhere, however.  The huge house has several hiding places, and the two lovers are definitely not alone.  Someone is watching them.

Scott’s little brother stopped just short of being seen or at least being heard.  He had planned to stay just long enough to raid the refrigerator when he heard his brother’s voice and that of another man.  The younger brother had never heard his brother talk so softly or so sweetly to anyone as he was now speaking to his friend he had invited to the house.  He was usually yelling, at him.  Scott’s little brother had been on his way out but had stopped midway down the hall and slipped quietly into the hall closet, leaving the door open just enough to hear what his brother and friend were saying to each other.  Why were they here, anyway?  Scott lived on campus and he assumed that the friend with him did as well.  Then the younger brother heard the friend’s deep voice.  “I know that voice,” he said to himself. 


The two secret lovers had not heard or seen a thing.  They were focused solely on each other and were kissing each other like lovers.  “Damn, I don’t even kiss my girlfriend like that,” Mikey said to himself, as he continued to watch this unbelievable scene.

“My Brother’s Secret Lover”, gay erotica by B.J. Scott, is available in the six Apple iBookstores, Amazon, B&N, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, 1 Erotica ebooks, 1 Place for Romance, All Romance ebooks, Extasy Books, and Coffeetime. 

For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Picture Above.

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2 for the Show

2 for the Show

Erotic Fiction

When Mitch is asked to pose nude for a well known magazine, all he wants is a little action.  Mitch quickly learns that Mack Shier Productions is much more than just magazines.  The owner plans to make a name for himself in the adult film industry and after only one day with Mitch, the famous Mack Shier knows he has found the man who will make him rich.  Fame and fortune may only be a dream, however, if Mitch is unwilling to take orders from the company’s leading money maker, a man who demands complete obedience, in every way, from the new guys.

“I know who our main readers are – gay men.  But you are damned hot, Mitch, and I am as straight as an arrow.  If I can see it, every gay man in the world will see it.” 

Realizing that his secret was still safe, Mitch thought about it.  He knew he was hot, and he just might get a lot of action from posing nude.  “Do I get the centerfold?” 

Jack hadn’t thought about that, but Mitch was certainly hot enough for a centerfold.  Jack was certain he could work it out with his boss.  Once Mack Shier got a look at Mitch, there was no way he could turn him down for the centerfold.  “You got it, buddy.” 


Mitch walked into the dining room where he and another guy were to pose on the dining room table.  Mitch had no problem with that.  He could pose on a table.  Hell, he would even do a guy on a table.

“Okay, guys, time to bare it.” 

Mitch tossed his robe aside and several gasps echoed throughout the room.  Jack had seen his friend naked a few times, but he was still impressed.  Mitch had a body to die for.  He was muscular, but not in a body builder sort of way.  His stomach looked like a washboard, and when he walked nothing seemed to move.  But what caused the gasps was what Mitch stuffed into his shorts every day.


The hot dark hand moved to Mitch’s face and forced Mitch’s head to the side.  “Kiss me,” he ordered.  Jamal was in complete control of Mitch and he forced his head to his open mouth.  The kiss was forceful and passionate and Mitch did not want it to end.  When Jamal pulled his head back, Mitch struggled to maintain contact with those powerful lips. 

“You liked my tongue in that mouth, did you?” 

Mitch slowly opened his eyes. 

“Suck on this,” Jamal ordered, shoving a thick finger into Mitch’s open mouth. 

“2 for the Show” is available in the six Apple iBookstores, Amazon US, UK, DE, Barnes & Noble, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, 1 Place for Romance, and eXstasy Books (Trapezium section).  For the U.S. Apple iBookstore, click on the picture above.

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A Country Adventure

A Country Adventure

Romantic Comedy

When Gary and Gordy receive a generous offer to teach two young cardiology interns, they eagerly accept.  Neither has been to the Midwest, and the picturesque town is a perfect replication of its Holland home, teeming with tulips and windmills.  After making themselves comfortable in the cozy cottage built by the original Dutch settler of the small town, Gary and Gordy soon begin to notice a few very unsettling oddities about the dwelling. 

Gary’s face lit up at the thought of another adventure.  “Where is it, Gordy?” 

“Just says small Midwestern town.  Please call for directions.” 

“You think it’s for real, Gordy?” 

Gordy turned the sheet of paper over a few times.  “Has to be, Gary.  The senior members of our very prestigious department lack the sense of humor required to pull off a stunt like this.  Let’s make the call.” 


After a quick night of packing and a few hours of sleep, the daring duo of doctors was boarding a plane for a few days of teaching and a few nights in somewhat questionable accommodations. 

“Ahh, the country, Gary.  Is there anything like it?” 

The two young doctors breathed deeply, filling their lungs with the fresh country air.  The taxi driver had dropped them off at the park, but had then quickly driven away. 

“What was his problem?” 

“Couldn’t say, Gary, old boy.  Perhaps the man is allergic to flowers and fresh air.” 


The shadow on the wall was the perfect likeness to the picture of the widow that was on the wall of the bedroom. 

“Damn, Gary.  Let’s look outside.” 

“No way, my friend.  I’m not that crazy.” 

 Gordy was out of the bed and jumping into his jeans before Gary could stop him. 

This romantic comedy is available at Amazon US and UK, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, All Romance ebooks, and 1Place for Romance.  Coming soon to the six Apple iBookstores.  Also available in Spanish at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.

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Cross Country Cowboy

Cross Country Cowboy


For a cowboy named Drake, the best of times can always be found in the arms of another cowboy while making his annual cross country trek in search of a good time.  The worst of times for cowboy Drake has been found in the arms of a cowboy whose wife is unaware of her man’s “secret side.”  Drake never knows what might be waiting for him in the small towns or big cities on his annual trips, but he always gets what he wants.

Drake was making his annual trek across the country, his annual sex trek that is, and he always had the best sex in the great states of Middle America.  It was in the states of the Great Plains and the Midwest that Drake had found the self-proclaimed real men, the men who over the last few years had become a real turn-on for Drake.  These were the men who no one would have ever guessed could have been blown away by a night with a man.  These were the men Drake considered to be real men.  But no man was as real a man as Drake. 

Drake slowed his truck to a complete stop in front of a bar that all but promised to have what he wanted.  Drake could spot the man he wanted within minutes of walking into a bar like this one.  The name on the sign said it all.  The “Sawmill” was a bar filled with Drake’s type of men.  These men were the farmers, the ranchers, and every one of these men thought that he was a real cowboy. 


Drake set his empty beer bottle down and walked slowly toward the back of the bar where couples were dancing.  He leaned nonchalantly against the wall, glancing occasionally at the man he had chosen for tonight’s awakening.  He would definitely awaken the young cowboy.  Drake always did.  The cowboy hat that Drake kept in his truck on his annual cross country trek was the perfect way to disguise his cruising of the young cowboy. 

This erotic ebook is available at Amazon US and UK, Barnes & Noble, the six Apple iBookstores, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, and 1Place for ebooks.

For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.

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A Bear or Two

A Bear or Two

Gay Erotica

When a friend tells Jack about his favorite bar, Jack decides to go there alone to check it out.  Jack has told no one his secret, but he goes to bars for one thing only.  Jack has a thing for bears.  The hairier the bear, the more Jack wants him.  So far, Jack has been disappointed in the action at the local bars, with no bears in sight.  When Jack enters this new bar that he knows nothing about, it appears to be one of the worst, a dark and dangerous bar, but he orders a beer and decides to stay, for awhile anyway. 

Jack was finished with his second beer and starting on a third when he decided to call it a night.  After canceling out his tab, he started to head for the door when the sight of a big hairy muscled bear entering the bar stopped him in his tracks.  Jack stumbled backward, landing on a bar stool, and from there he sat and watched the man.  What he was really watching was whether this bear had a mate with him tonight, not that it really mattered.  He would be Jack’s soon enough if Jack had his way. 


“Bud, you think this little man deserves the full treatment?”  So Bud was the bear’s name.  Bud looked at Jack.  “I think he does.  You want two bears?”  Jack just stood there and nodded.  His body was doing the talking for him. 

“Name’s Bull,” the man said, as he walked over to Jack and pulled him toward one of the stalls.  “We’re doing it here?” Jack asked, surprised. 

“You expecting a five star hotel?”  “No.”  Jack’s fear was beginning to show and he desperately tried to hide it. 

This erotic ebook is available at Amazon US and UK, B&N, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, 1Place for Romance, All Romance ebooks, and coming soon to the Apple iBookstores.  For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.

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Chat Room Charlie

Chat Room Charlie

An Erotic ebook

A cold snap and life in a new city lead Tom to the Internet chat rooms.  He has never done this before, and only wants to find someone to talk to.  Tom has no plans to hook up with anyone, but there is one guy who seems so nice that Tom cannot resist, and he agrees to meet him.  Not knowing whether to expect a lover or a serial killer, Tom waits anxiously for the man who calls himself Chat Room Charlie.

Tom was just about to leave the chat room and call it a night when this certain someone sent him a private message.  Tom went back and talked with the man, whose code name was very familiar to him now, just shooting the breeze, but talking about nothing serious.  Then the chat room guy asked if the two of them could talk on the telephone.  “Sure,” Tom said, and the guy gave him his number.  The mystery man asked if Tom could call him at eleven that night and Tom agreed.  “Okay, sounds good,” Tom said.  Tom didn’t have a clue what to expect.  He didn’t have a picture to send to the guy, and the mystery man hadn’t offered to send Tom a picture of himself, either.  He almost wished he hadn’t agreed, but what was the harm in a telephone call? 


When the two of them got back to Tom’s place, it was almost three in the morning, but from what Tom had seen so far, Charlie had definitely been worth waiting up for.  Charlie parked his car, and under the streetlight the two men took a good look at each other.  Charlie was much, much better looking than Tom had ever expected.  He was taller than Tom, and absolutely gorgeous.  Charlie was definitely tall, dark, and handsome, the dream of every man. 


Charlie had never had to back down before.  Charlie had always had the upper hand in his sexual encounters, and he would be damned if he was going to give that up now.

This erotic story is available at Amazon US and UK, B&N, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, 1Place for Romance, All Romance ebooks. 

For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.

Also available in Spanish – “Sala de Chat Charlie” – at Amazon and B&N.  Coming soon to the Apple iBookstores.

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Legally Crushed

Legally Crushed

An Erotic Romance

Anton’s crush on Gage is no secret, but Anton is not Gage’s type.  Always offering to assist Gage in any way that he can, Anton follows Gage around the office like a little puppy.  After working late one night, Gage having desperately needed Anton’s assistance on a project, Gage takes his admirer out for a couple of drinks to show his appreciation.  From there, things take an unexpected turn, for Gage, that is.

Gage had stayed late at the office, as usual, as he prepared his case for the upcoming trial, the trial that was being haled as the trial of the century.  As he usually did, Gage had miscalculated his fellow attorney, Anton, big time when Anton had been nice enough to once again stay behind and help him.  Gage had thought that Anton had already gone home, but apparently he had not.  Gage had definitely needed the help on this case, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted that help to come from Anton.  Anton, however, always wanted to hang out with Gage.  His crush on Gage was no secret.  Anton was something else.  He was a geeky little guy who Gage wouldn’t describe as totally unattractive, but he definitely wasn’t Gage’s type. 


Before he knew it, Gage had drunk enough to start feeling really happy, just as he always did given the slightest amount of alcohol, and not meaning to, he found himself all over Anton.  It was shameless really, but Gage couldn’t help it.  For the first time, Gage thought that Anton was kind of cute with his little glasses and out-of-date clothes.  Gage soon found the man absolutely adorable.  Maybe he had discovered the real man inside of this geek, or maybe he was just drunk.  Gage wasn’t sure what had happened, but at the time he didn’t much care.  Gage began to flirt with Anton in the bar shamelessly.  Gage hanging all over Anton the way that he was doing now was Anton’s dream come true. 

This erotic romance ebook is available at Amazon US and UK, B&N, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, 1Place for Romance, All Romance ebooks, and coming soon to the Apple iBookstores. 

For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above. 

Also en espanol – “Legalmente Enamorado” – Amazon and B&N.

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