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The Pariah

The Pariah
The young man labeled a pariah must find his way through a labyrinth of his own making as he tries to discover what truly makes him happy. This is no easy task at Williamsburg State University, where gay men are plentiful and the endless buffet has plenty to offer. Cautioned against trying to bed every man who will have him, Terry does not heed the warning nor does he realize that his actions may have undesirable consequences.

The most imminent thing on the horizon was New York City, and all the men he could ever want. He could pick and choose, if the description of the downstairs wooden frame with naked men waiting was in any way, shape, or form accurate.

Terry was in awe as he looked in the shop windows as they navigated the sidewalk of Christopher Street, the gayest street in the entire city. There were restaurants, art galleries, antique stores, an off-Broadway theatre, fashion stores, jewelry stores, and leather shops. It was nothing like sedate East Port.

Randy smiled at Terry, “Welcome to NYU, or as some people call it, NY Yoo-hoo, because of the gay guys hollering out the dorm windows at cute guys on the street.” He led Terry up the steps to the third floor, unlocked the door, and was rather shocked to see Robby with a blond he had obviously picked up.

“Sorry, roomie, didn’t know you were here. We’ll be out in a minute.” They went for a bite to eat at one of the restaurants on Christopher Street. “That was awkward,” Henry said. “He is good, though, if you know what I mean.”

“You and your roommate have…?”

“Hell, yes.”

“Well, it seems we have another thing in common. My roomie and I have, too.” Terry went on to relate his unions with Darryl, Randy, Phil, and Muddy.

“You certainly have been one randy guy down there at Williamsburg State. Want to do something different I haven’t even tried here in the city?”

“Sure, what is it?”

Butchie’s certainly was not an eye-catching place from the outside. Two small windows on the street were covered on the inside with wooden blinds, and a large metal grate covered it on the outside when the place was locked. Terry looked around and noted that nearly everything about the place was light brown in color and relatively new. There was nothing that indicated the age of the building, unlike every other shop Terry had observed in the Village. It completely lacked character, not that he was here to appreciate character. He admired the men in the shop. There were several he would love to have sex with, and he commented on them to his companions. He watched them disappear behind a curtain and they didn’t return.

“That’s where the steps to paradise are, I presume.”

“Yes. The maze is to the left.”

Terry followed them at a respectable distance, but he lost them in the darkness of the maze. Instead, he found himself in a room lit only by a single red light bulb, and he was witness to all the depravity that two men could do together. In a far corner he noticed an orgy of seven guys combining in every way possible. Some of them noticed him as well and motioned him to join them. He was theirs in an instant as seven guys were all over him. All he could do, being suddenly the centerpiece of their orgy, was enjoy the ride. This was sex as he had never known it could be.

Then he felt what he was not prepared for.

“Whoa!” he shouted. “Wrap it up or get out.”

Suddenly all seven males deserted him. He didn’t play by the rules of the basement. Left out of the conglomeration of mingled bodies, he worked his way back towards the maze.

“Hey, wait!” One of the seven came running after him. “You must be new here. Come with me into the maze.”

He grabbed Terry’s hand and led him into the absolute darkness of the maze. They rounded four corners and he pulled Terry to him. He was a man on a mission and not to be denied. Terry couldn’t refrain from giving in completely to the man. Afterward, he disappeared before Terry could say a word.

Totally disoriented in the darkness, Terry began to feel his way around the maze, accidentally touching couples along the way. Only when he heard moaning did he know there were two guys engaged.

“The Pariah,” erotic romance by Duncan More, is available from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, All Romance ebooks, Google, Kobo ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website is

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Rhapsody in Bohemia

Heartwarming Lesbian Love Story

Heartwarming Lesbian Love Story

In 1976 romantic love was between a man and a woman. Women who loved women could never admit their desire. For two young women who were best friends but knew in their hearts they were so much more, life was far from easy. In their town, in their world, two girls together was not acceptable. Prejudice relating to race, ethnicity and religion was rampant in their community. But no one spoke of sexuality. No one used the words gay or lesbian. Those people did not exist. For Mira and Bridget, what begins with simple kisses ends when Mira goes to college and Bridget travels to New York City. When Mira graduates, she spends a weekend with Bridget who introduces her to a lesbian club, and it is then, in 1981, that the two young women realize they must decide if they are willing to live a lie or embrace an unconventional life disdained by their heterosexual counterparts.

Her statuesque silhouette was visible against the backdrop of the snow-capped mountain. Glistening in the afternoon sun, her wavy auburn hair bounced as she approached. Our eyes met; hers were green like oak leaves in spring. She reached out her delicately strong fingers to caress my face, and then she placed her warm subtle lips to mine. I was reeling with delight as she…

“Mira, it’s time to get up.”

What was that dream about? Mira thought as she slowly opened her tired blue eyes. She rolled out of bed, placed her feet onto the warm wooden floor while stretching to turn on her new Queen record, then began to sing along as she chose her outfit.


They were sitting on the edge of the bed holding hands and without thinking, Mira leaned over and kissed Bridget on the lips. It was their first real kiss. It was more than a kiss between friends, and Bridget’s body became electrified. Mira placed her hands on Bridget’s face as the kiss continued.

“Wow, Mira, I never felt anything like that before,” Bridget said with a smile.

“Me neither.”

“I’ll see you at work tomorrow?” asked Bridget.

“You can count on it.”

Bridget walked Mira downstairs and watched as she walked down the steps and across the street to go home. Little did she know what lay ahead in their relationship.

“Bridget, don’t you have any other friends, friends more like you?” asked Bridget’s mom.

“Mira’s my best friend, Mom. She gets me. I would think that would make you happy,” Bridget said in an angry tone.

“You two just seem a little too close, is all.”

Bridget froze and didn’t know what to say to that. She felt scared again. “I’m tired, Mom. Do you mind if I go to bed?” The feeling of fear was growing inside of Bridget as she lay down to sleep. What if her mother found out that she was kissing Mira? What would she and her father think? She felt scared and alone and wished Mira were there with her.

A few days later when Bridget arrived at work, Mike and C.J. were also working. They started teasing her about Mira holding her hand on the rollercoaster. Had she made light of it, they may have stopped, but the look of fright on her face was just what they needed to keep going. The more upset and scared she appeared, the more they needled her. When C.J. called her a lesbian, it was more than she could bear. She turned and said, “I’m not a lesbian. I’ll prove it to you at your apartment Saturday night if you want.”

“Rhapsody in Bohemia”, a heartwarming lesbian love story by Zaku Aka, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle Stores, Rainbow ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Bookstrand, Google Play, All Romance ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. Our website is

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A Gift From Poseidon

Erotic Romance

Erotic Romance

North Carolina painter Evan Phelps and his ex-lover Frank own a small art shop in the beach town of Manteo. When four friends encounter car trouble one day and seek help from Evan, the painter finds an unexpected muse in the much younger Sterling. He is gorgeous and Evan cannot stop thinking about him and painting images of him in various erotic poses. When Sterling comes to him for serious sexual advice, an unlikely relationship begins between the mature Evan and the much younger Sterling, a virgin in anticipation of his first sexual experience. Sterling’s buddy Jordan, in sharp contrast, is very sexually active and led around by one particular part of his anatomy, like a carrot in front of a donkey. When Evan’s career begins to take off, the adventures begin, leading Evan and his young paramour to a place neither has been.

A solo of Sterling in his partially aroused stage literally commanded to be first. He began with the head with its roundish shape and long wavy black hair partially covering his ears and draping haphazardly across his forehead. Green eyes, a cute pug nose and a thin black mustache atop a pleasant smile completed the face. Next came his broad shoulders and a well defined chest as well as the stomach, hard but not overly muscled (probably the result of hard work and not a gym regimen). He stretched the arms out so that the hands were holding onto the banister of the deck. He finished it off with the top three inches of a pair of white jeans. He decided against going further with that part which was etched in his memory. It was midnight when he shut off the bedroom light and crawled into bed. As he lay there in the darkness, a vision of Sterling was conjured in his mind. Evan finally fell into a deep sleep, and there was Sterling again, standing in the kitchen doorway, and as naked as truth should be, he advanced toward Evan and planted a kiss on his lips as his hands roamed Evan’s back. Evan woke suddenly and found that he was totally aroused. None of his subjects had ever dominated his mind and fantasies before.


“So tell me,” Frank said. “Who’s the new love in your life?”

“What do you mean?”

“Eight paintings of the same model. The last time you went on a painting binge like this, all of the paintings were of me and that was back when we had just graduated from college eleven years ago.”

Evan explained that he had only met Sterling for an hour and about the car being stuck in a sand dune.

“Well, this new fixation of yours is producing some of the finest work you’ve done in years. We’re talking about the $200 price range.”

The next Friday after painting like a demon, Evan delivered two more of Sterling, plus several of the foursome and some seascapes and one of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in the background with Sterling in the foreground waiting to climb it. He even did one of Paul standing in his kitchen doorway when he first revealed Junior in full glory, although he felt that nudes were not his forte.

“Wow” was all Frank could say when he saw Paul. “Is that thing real or did you go about enlarging it?”

“He said it was eleven and a half inches. I didn’t measure it, but I would have.”

“A Gift From Poseidon”, a new erotic romance novel by Duncan More, is available in the Apple iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, All Romance ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Sony, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website is

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Somerville Mysteries – The Missing

Young Adult Mystery

Young Adult Mystery

When Jerry wants to write for the school newspaper, the editor decides to give him a chance to prove himself by writing something new and exciting to impress her. Jerry can think of nothing until a friend suggests checking out the missing person story that was recently in the news. Jerry searches through a stack of old newspapers and on the front page of one is a picture of a beautiful blonde haired blue eyed woman who went missing two months ago. She was young and recently married to a wealthy man, and so far the police have been unable to solve the mystery of her whereabouts. The rumors are rampant. Some say her husband murdered her, some say she died at the hands of an ex-boyfriend, and yet others claim that she ran away. One thing is certain – if Jerry can solve this mystery, the editor of the school newspaper will be more than impressed. In their perilous quest to solve the mystery, however, Jerry and his friends discover that some of the citizens of Somerville have gone to great lengths to ensure that this particular mystery is never solved.

Kate turned her car to the left and we found ourselves on a narrow road. Tall trees grew on either side of the road, and with the darkness around us, the whole environment was giving an eerie feel.

“This road leads out of town,” said Kate. “Why would she be driving here?”

I was about to tell Kate to turn the car back when it happened. Courtney’s car came to an abrupt halt and started to reverse. Kate pressed the brakes and her car stopped. I watched as the small blue car kept reversing, coming towards us.

“She is going to ram into us!” yelled Kate, her eyes wide open.

The blue car turned and faced us, its headlights on.

“Kate, duck, NOW!” I yelled, bowing my head.


I heard Courtney’s car slow down and then I heard it drive past us with speed.

“Why did you do that?” asked Kate, getting back up on her seat.

I got up and sat properly in the seat. Courtney seemed to have gone away. “I didn’t want her to see our faces,” I answered, pushing my glasses up on my nose.

“Our faces?” asked Kate in disbelief. “You have taken this lost rich lady case way into that weird head of yours.”

“Somerville Mysteries – The Missing”, young adult mystery by Farid-ul-Haq, is available in the Apple iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, All Romance ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Sony, Google Play, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website is For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

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The Redeemer

Inspirational Romantic Fiction

Inspirational Romantic Fiction

For as long as he can remember, ballet has been Matt’s passion. As he walks along the street feeling rejuvenated and on a high from his first class and from having been admired by a much younger man, he thinks about the night he met Gabe. Gabe was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Their mutual attraction had been instantaneous. Gabe was a find and before Matt knew it they had become lovers. As he continues on his way home, Matt thinks about the man in his dance class and he wonders what the young man could possibly see in a man of his years. Perhaps in becoming a part of the young man’s future, Matt is trying to find redemption from his own past, a past which continues to haunt him.

As he watched Derek’s steps, Matt found the young man’s form sensually stirring. Singularly handsome in repose, Derek became electrifying when he flew across the floor in a series of grand jetes, then like a falcon coming to rest landing noiselessly in a deep plie, his smile radiant. Matt ached to be involved again in a love life more than in day dreams. Derek had assumed a featured role in his recurring sexual fantasies.


In their air-conditioned cabin at water’s edge, they lay naked on the bed with their fingertips idly tracing teasing patterns on each other. Turning on his side, Matt draped his leg over Derek’s stomach and followed the furrows of his ear with the tip of his tongue.

“I feel so relaxed. There’s nothing like a day in the sun and the sea.”

“And an afternoon of sex,” Derek said in a husky, put on voice.

“I don’t know exactly what you might see in an older man…or want for that matter. But whatever it is, I know you’ve done something for me.”

“What’s that?”

“You’ve stopped the clock…and I’ll do anything in the world for you.”
Derek didn’t respond as he leaned over and gazed into Matt’s eyes, and then without saying anything he kissed him gently on the lips.

“The Redeemer”, inspirational romantic fiction by Joseph Richards, is available in the Apple iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, All Romance ebooks, Kobo ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website is

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Stolen Paradise

SciFy/Time Travel

SciFi/Time Travel

Dylan meets a man on the beach after he witnesses the stranger’s unfortunate rendezvous with a swarm of jellyfish. He looks like something out of a bad science fiction movie, covered with an unholy mess of jellyfish tentacles and stings. As Dylan picks the tentacles from the man’s body, the two men discover they have much in common, and soon afterward a sensuous romance begins. Passionate lovers and young scientists devoted to understanding the nature of genetics, the two men cannot imagine life without the other, but neither knows what the future holds, or does he?

As I reached for my towel, I stole a glance at him. As he pulled off his shirt and pants, I couldn’t help but gawk. He has to be a newbie tourist. His white alabaster body was a dead giveaway, along with his ‘fer shure’ hotel towel. He was so hot that it didn’t matter. I tried to ignore him and look busy, when he turned towards me. Our eyes locked briefly, and then he nodded and went about his business. I shrugged mentally and made myself comfortable, or tried to. It didn’t last, as I felt an ominous change in his emotions. He smiled and walked down to the water line. Something felt wrong. He looked out at the grey oily ocean and ran into the water, jumping the surf before diving headlong into the waves.

Is he nuts? Doesn’t he see the jellyfish?

Instinctively, I pulled on my clam diggers and shirt, and ran like a striped assed ape after him, clearing a path through the jellyfish. All the way out to him, a sense of urgency bordering on panic dogged me. When I got to him he was wrapped up in six or seven good-sized Portuguese Man O’ Wars and thrashing about wildly, which only made matters worse. My heart was pounding like a trip hammer as I wrestled him back to the beach. He looked like something out of a bad science fiction movie, covered with an unholy mess of jellyfish tentacles and stings.


“May I take a shower? I smell disgusting!”

“You don’t stink to me, but you can shower on one condition: that I shower with you,” I said with a wink and a grin.

Well, more of a leer.

That was the first of what would be many great showers; something we still do. Since this was the first time either of us had truly made love, we wanted to make it last. As we kissed, I closed my eyes and gently played my fingers over the taut skin of his back and flanks. His skin was silky soft over the tight hard muscles. I pulled away from him far enough to look into his vibrant blue eyes before I slid around his body to press up against his back. He let out a big sigh as he reached around me to hold me closer. I spent several minutes washing all around the objects of my desire, while avoiding them directly, for awhile anyway.

“Stolen Paradise”, science fiction/time travel romance by Kiel Bei, is available in the Apple iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, All Romance ebooks, Kobo ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website is

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Bridesmen of Madison County

Humorous Romantic Fiction

Humorous Romantic Fiction

A beautiful five-star resort in the Pocono Mountains is the setting for the grand wedding of sexy Soap Opera star, Ricardo Santiago, and his fiancée.  The wedding planner in charge is Madison County, a hefty and outspoken woman, and a fashion disaster in a blue satin blouse tucked into a baggy pair of white linen slacks over blue open-toed wedges.  She lurks over her uproarious followers like the Evil Queen from a child’s nightmare.  As the many bridesmen arrive, each brings unique drama, with an older man and his boy toy only a sampling of the eclectic mix.  The entire resort quickly becomes a media free-for-all with camera crews, television reporters and mobs of parasitic fans slithering about, and one particularly obnoxious reporter eager to uncover the many skeletons in the closets of the wedding couple and stake her claim to media fame.  With her sharp eye and even sharper tongue, she hunts the audience like a starving king cobra looking for its prey. 

With its over-the-top drama, humor, and truths uncovered, both good and bad, “Bridesmen of Madison County” is a heartwarming novel of extraordinary people living extraordinary lives.

The front door of T.J. Bookers swung open with a mighty force.  The gust of cold winter air toppled the magazine rack near the checkout counter.

 “Is it me or are these Twi-hards getting younger and younger every day?” laughed Shannon O’Rourke.  “Bring the equipment in, boys.  You can set up the cameras when that entire little sideshow leaves.”  Shannon snapped her compact shut and smacked the strawberry flavored gloss over both lips.  She stood perfectly still, except for her head, which hunted the audience like a starving king cobra looking for its prey.  It wasn’t long before the hard-hitting journalist spotted the familiar face of Evan Merck, and released her venom.  “Oh look, it’s Twinky Dinky.  Where are the rest of the tubbies and your bunk buddy, Father Time?”

“Let me tell you something, Hagatha.  I may be a ‘twinky’, but at least my dinky has seen a hell of a lot more action than your old, dried-out, cobweb collector,” Evan retorted. 

Evan Merck was an attractive twenty-two-year-old with light red hair and eyes the color of a tropical ocean that he would use to melt the most evil of hearts.  The young man benefited from a beautiful smile and a gym fed body which he offered to both the gentlemen and the young ladies. 


Madison County rode in the back seat of the Lincoln Town Car hollering into her smartphone at a former client.  The hefty woman with her newly processed pink highlights took a deep breath and popped a lemon Jolly Rancher into her mouth.  “Why do I always seem to get hired only by drama queens and lunatic lesbians?”  Madison vented to the driver.  Madison County had a tall stature, with auburn hair highlighted with pink streaks and worn in what could only be described as a crushed beehive.  Her oval face and bright red lips rested atop linebacker shoulders.  She was carrying a pair of double D’s that she strutted high and proud underneath her dreadful attempt at fashion.  Madison wore a blue satin blouse that tied high around her neck tucked into a baggy pair of white linen slacks over blue open-toed wedges.  The final nail in the project scumway disaster was the faded blue wool blazer and the fifties styled horn-rimmed glasses that had some guests questioning the true sexuality of the wedding planner. 

“Bridesmen of Madison County,” an over-the-top, humorous, action packed romance by Mark Thornton, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, the Amazon stores, Rainbow ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Bookstrand, Coffeetime Romance, and All Romance ebooks.  Our website is  This book is also available in print.

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Grow a Pair

Grow a Pair

Transgender Romance

When dramatic changes begin to occur in Callie, she fears they may be the result of a chemical spill from a plant ten miles from where she lives.  Catching her boyfriend cheating on her, she moves in with a woman, but her attraction to her new roommate makes her question her own sexuality.  Is she falling in love with a woman?  How can she possibly explain what is going on inside her own body and that her transformation may not be complete?  Her roommate will surely think she has lost her mind.

The bar was just what I had been longing for: the dim lighting, the soft breeze coming in off the beach, and the smooth glass in my hand.  When I had returned to the hotel earlier, I had found Bob deep in a young twenty-something who I recognized as our waitress from the big party the night before.  After a hearty slap to his amazed face, I grabbed my things and headed to the airport.  There I had lost it in the ladies room, crying my eyes out on the cold plastic toilet seat.  I had just gotten to the last sniffles when there was a knock at the door.  

When I emerged, I had come face to face with a gorgeous green-eyed blonde, her tight derriere poured into the most flattering jeans I had ever seen.  The swell of her luscious bosom was enough to make my head spin, even as I tried to focus on her face.

“My name’s Cheryl.  You okay?” she asked again, handing me a tissue.  

“No,” I managed honestly, taking the proffered tissue and blowing my nose.  “I’m Callie and it has been a day from hell.  I don’t know what to do, and the last thing I want is to get on a plane.”

“Then tell you what, Callie,” she said with a wink.  “Let me buy you a drink at the bar down the terminal.  I’ve had a day myself, and I could use another woman to talk to.”

My stomach twisted, knowing that I couldn’t afford to miss my flight, not even for this perfect angel.  “I can’t.  I’ve got no money for another flight if I miss this one.”

“Then you’re in luck,” she said, taking one of my bags.  “Not only am I a pilot; I also own my own plane.  Come on.”

I trailed after her, biting my lip, but unable to say no.

“Grow a Pair,” a transgender romance fiction ebook by Tara Fox Hall, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, the Amazon stores, Rainbow ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Bookstrand, Coffeetime Romance, and All Romance ebooks.  Coming soon to Sony.  Our website is

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Harvest Grove

Harvest Grove

Young Adult Fiction

Two weeks at her uncle’s farm seems like a life sentence to a young woman who recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday.  The two cute college guys her uncle has hired make it a little more appealing, however.  When Marly begins to hear barking dogs and the sounds of loud birds coming from the dark and dreary woods at the edge of the farm, she has to investigate.  Pushing her way through the thick foliage, in the clearing of the woods Marly discovers something she has never before seen.  Through the peculiarly present mist and fog, Marly sees silhouettes of what appear to be two men, but they are not the two young men hired to work for her Uncle Charlie.  Who are they and what are they doing?  Thinking that the two college guys are playing a joke on her, Marly sneaks to the woods often, but the loud noises and the men are not always present.  Do Uncle Charlie and Aunt Susan know about this?  And were the two men kissing?  No way!

Curious to know what was up with the mysterious college guys, Marly set the rake down and followed the footsteps of Marc and Koby into the trees. 

It seemed dark and dreary with the huge trees all around her and Marly almost turned around and went back when she heard what sounded like a dog barking.  “Doggie, here doggie,” she whispered.  She couldn’t keep herself from continuing toward the sound, but her curiosity had gotten her into trouble before and she had promised her mother that she would obey Charlie and Susan.  But Marly couldn’t help it.  “I have to know what that sound is.”  She whispered, “Doggie, here doggie”, again, but then the sound stopped suddenly.  All she could hear now was her own footsteps as they made a crunching sound on the dried leaves.  She pushed aside the thick foliage to get a look at what was no doubt hiding somewhere in the trees. 

It was too dark to see much of anything, but what Marly could see looked like the silhouette of a man or perhaps an animal.  She could not be certain which it was.  The shadow moved slowly just a few feet from where Marly was hiding.  She put her hand to her mouth when she saw him.  “He’s naked,” she nearly screamed.  The shadow moved to just behind a tree.  The man leaned over and Marly had a better view of his butt than she cared to have.


As they neared the woods, Marly stopped. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“Are we going in there?” 

“Sure, Marly, it looks scarier than it is.  There’s nothing in there.” 

Marly knew there were times when there was definitely something in there, but she didn’t want to look like a scared little girl in the presence of these two cute guys.  She followed as the young men made their way to the clearance where she had watched the erotic scene unfold last night. 

The three of them stood in the small clearance and looked up at the sunlight.  “See, Marly, nothing in here.” 

Marly looked around.  There was no sign of what had transpired here last night.

“Harvest Grove”, a new young adult gay fiction book by S. Wales, is now available at Amazon US, UK, DE; Barnes & Noble; Bookstrand; All Romance ebooks; 1 Place for Romance; eXstasy Books (Trapezium section); and coming soon to the Apple iBookstores.  For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.

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Husbands on the Down Low

Husbands on the Down Low


Troy is always on the hunt for a new man, a new married man that is.  On the down low for years, Troy gets from other husbands what his wife does not give him at home, and Troy gives to other married men what they desperately need.  The latest of Troy’s conquests is a novice in the world in which Troy is king, and Troy cannot wait to take this man to a place he has never been. 

From their first meeting, Troy knew that he wanted Brad.  He wasn’t sure about Brad, though.  Troy could usually sense somehow if a man was like himself, on the down low, but Brad was different. 

“This may take awhile,” he said to himself, but Troy was willing to wait.  The chemistry he felt with Brad was too great not to let it take its course. 


Brad was curious as they walked to Troy’s car.  He had parked in a somewhat secluded part of the park, and when Brad got into Troy’s car, Troy got right to the point. 

“I give it good and by that I mean I give it great.  You know what I’m talking about.” 

Brad just stared at Troy. 

“I mean it, I give the best, and I’ll bet your wife can’t do you like I can.” 

Not waiting for Brad’s reply, Troy had those pressed trousers at Brad’s knees and his tidy whities, too, as he helped himself to Brad. 

Erotica by B.J. Scott available at Amazon US & UK, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, All Romance ebooks, and coming soon to the Apple iBookstores.  For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.

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