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Authors of Exciting and Exotic Gay Fiction

Dare to Love

DareToLove-200x300Cover art, Holy Trinity by Michael Breyette (www.breyette.com)
used with permission.

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Mike and his lover are very discreet as they meet secretly in a place very few know exists. As first year medical residents in a hospital overseen by a physician known for hating gays, their lives are filled with drudgery and paranoid vigilance. When Mike’s former lover calls with an offer too good to pass up, Mike decides to check it out. The man he once loved now seems different, however, and he speaks of some kind of “utopia” for gay men, and Mike fears he may have fallen into a trap.

Jackson quickly looked around, and seeing no one, he unlocked the door. It was dark, and as he reached for the light switch, a firm hand stopped him.

“What are you doing here?”

He turned around and met the lips of his lover who had been waiting for him. Grabbing at each other, Jackson and his lover made their way to the one small cot in the room.

“Hurry,” Mike urged, as he stripped Jackson of the thin material of his scrubs.

Jackson held onto the end of the cot as he fed his lover what he craved. He had never known a lover like Mike. The sex was unbelievable, and the slow ride continued until he demanded more.

The look they gave each other in the darkness of the room spoke the words that neither had yet dared to speak. The real world was waiting for them just outside the locked door.

“Time to get back, Jackson.”

“I know.”

The two men dressed as they always did in the little room, in total darkness. They put on their “straight” jackets, unlocked the door, and went their separate ways.

Mike was finishing his shift in the emergency room and Jackson was needed in surgery.

Jackson’s expertise in the operating room could not be matched, and he hoped his secret life would never be revealed.

Mike left the emergency room that day feeling overwhelmed and overworked, as usual. He assumed extra shifts if asked, not so much from a sense of duty, but more as a way of proving that he was just as worthy of the white jacket as his fellow hetero colleagues.

You can find “Dare to Love” at Amazon (Kindle Unlimited). This book is also available in print from Amazon. Click to Purchase.

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Bulletproof (Bulletproof Book 4)


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Derek has finally met his match!

Derek MacAlister, the wild one. Known for dancing on table tops, partying too hard, and possessing a never-ending thirst for excitement. With his bandmates now settled in committed relationships, he’s the last man standing. The only problem is that he wants to party all night long, but his best friends are content to stay at home. Enter Travis Fontana, a bad boy with a reputation for trouble, and Derek has his partner in crime.

Travis Fontana just scored the gig of a lifetime opening for the nation’s top heavy metal band. He’s a rebel who thrives on pushing the limits of a good time, and Bulletproof’s sexy long-haired guitarist, Derek MacAlister, is right by his side to share the fun. Together, they’re double trouble.

But all is not as it seems. Underneath the painted-on smile and carefree exterior that Travis shows the world lies a tortured soul with a dark past. Little by little, Travis lets Derek see a side of him that no one else knows. Derek, unused to the unfiltered raw honesty that Travis shares, finds that he wants to take care of this troubled, vulnerable man, and turns out to be Travis’ rock in times of crisis.

When the pressures of newfound fame begin to overwhelm Travis, he quickly starts to unravel. Pushed to the breaking point, it becomes clear that even Derek can’t save him. Travis needs to save himself.

You can find “Bulletproof” at Apple, Google, B&N and Amazon. Click to Purchase from Amazon.

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All the Money in the World


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“Jeff, stay with me one last night… please,” Pierce begged.

“How could I not?”

“Don’t forget me, Jeff. You know I would change things if I could. No matter where life leads us, don’t ever forget.”

“Pierce, baby, you’re the only one I will ever love. You and I should be together. If only… what am I saying? There’s no other way. We have no choice.”

“I know.”

“This can’t be the end for us. Please say it isn’t the end.”

“It’s not the end, Jeff. We’ll be together the way we were meant to be… in time. I know we will. I can feel it.” He pressed his lips to Jeff’s cheek and kissed the tear that rolled down his face.

Pierce dressed quickly and left the hotel room only moments before Jeff’s alarm sounded.

Jeff wiped the tears from his eyes and felt his cheek where Pierce had kissed him. Forcing his body to move, he stood up and stretched. When he noticed the white tuxedo hanging from a hook on the wall, he slumped to the floor. It should be you, Pierce, he thought, as he remembered the four years they had been roommates and lovers while earning their college degrees.

Today Jeff would recite his wedding vows, with Pierce, his best man, standing beside him.

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Seducing Cecil

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I found myself getting lost in his voice. It had the sound of someone sharing pillow talk with me – so soft and soothing.

Dr. Cecil Chatsworth, with a slightly grey mustache, trimmed goatee, muscular butt in black pants, tall frame, black hair, and in his mid-thirties, was much older than anyone who had ever before piqued the libido of Paul Livingston. But there was just something about him that screamed – “This is the guy for you, Paul!”

I’m the type of guy who knows what he wants and goes after it wholeheartedly. If things or people get in my way, they simply get pushed to the side. I don’t know if that’s what you call an Alpha personality, but that’s me.

In walked Dr. Cecil C. Chatsworth. Never heard of him, never laid eyes on him before, but BINGO!!!! There he was – numero uno. There was just something about him that screamed to me—“this is the guy for you.” I don’t mean for a fast hook-up; I mean he was someone I felt I’d want to spend a lifetime with.

I found myself getting lost in his voice. It may have sounded like a normal Lit professor’s voice to the rest of them, but to me it had the sound of someone sharing pillow talk with me—so soft and soothing.

I set a goal. I was going to get and keep Dr. Chatsworth. But there was a slight problem. He had a disdain for athletes, and since I was on the college wrestling team, I needed to work extra hard to prove that we are not just muscles.

“Seducing Cecil” by Duncan More is available from Amazon – Kindle Unlimited. Click Here to Purchase

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Maybe This Time


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One drink too many and he wakes up naked in the bed of a man… that he thought was a woman!

One drunken night leads Dillon to the bed of a man that he could have sworn was a woman. Waking up naked in the bed of a drag queen is a shock, to say the least. But he kinda likes the guy. The problem is… the queen works at the same bank as Dillon. So, is it “hands off” or does he take another chance on love… and with a man? And what would happen to his career if anyone discovered his secret?

He woke up in a strange bed, completely nude, with his pants, pullover shirt, socks, underwear and new t-shirt neatly draped over a nearby chair. He didn’t remember anything: hitting on a girl, accepting her invitation, scoring – nothing of what would have been his first sexual conquest. But here he was in some chick’s bedroom all alone. He heard the sound of dishes coming from another room. That meant she was still around, which was good. He decided to lie there and wait. A little morning delight would be a lot better than whatever he couldn’t remember of the night before.

“Good morning, sexy. Glad to see you’re up – not up like you were last night. God, you’ve got a big one.” Dillon was a little shocked to see a rather swishy guy posing in the doorway completely nude. “How do you want your eggs this morning?” he asked.

“What am I doing here?” Dillon asked, totally shocked.

“I’d say recuperating from the best f**k you probably ever gave a guy. God, you’re an animal when you’re hot.”

“I f**ked you?” Dillon asked hesitantly and unbelievably.

“Sure did. And, honey, it was good!”

“You’re serious!” Dillon was incredulous. The concept didn’t make sense.

“Right there on that bed. Lubed me up and shoved it right in.”

“How? Why? I don’t remember much of anything after I started that food challenge.”

“Oh, honey, you won that hands down. Then you ordered several more shots. You were very sociable, chatting with everyone. You staggered a little when you stood up and I helped you to the bathroom. You had trouble getting it out. I had to help or you would have peed right down your leg. You told me it was the first time anyone else had ever touched you, and you liked it. I told you I could do much more if you wanted. So we came back here. We got in bed and I started giving you head. And damn, you got real hard real fast. I wanted that thing slamming into me. You said ‘what the hell’ and so we did. Damn, it was good. You have any idea how loud you are?”

“Maybe This Time” by Duncan More is available from Amazon – Kindle Unlimited. Click Here to Purchase.

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Bassist with Benefits (Bulletproof Book 3)


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A Friends to Lovers Rock Star Romance

Bandmates and best friends since they were teens, Jeremy Kagan and Alan Delgado share everything – including men. But their brotherly bond was shattered during one incident of mistaken identity in a darkened bedroom when a line was crossed. With boundaries broken and the line of friendship blurred, they struggle to move forward.

For Jeremy, that night was a dream come true. He had been in love with Alan for a decade but had been too afraid to bare his heart and reveal his true feelings. Now that the opportunity has presented itself, he’s ready to seize the moment. This is his one chance to be with the only man he has ever loved.

Alan, on the other hand, isn’t dealing with the incident so well. A lot of monumental achievements have occurred in his life, but none were as life altering as a single erotic encounter with his best friend. The usual fun-loving camaraderie he and Jeremy had always shared is now awkward and uncomfortable.

Unable to shed the memory of their rendezvous, Alan begins to look at Jeremy in a new light. Transitioning from bromance to romance isn’t as easy as expected, especially since Alan isn’t ready to share their newfound bond with anyone else. Stress from keeping their relationship a secret turns explosive as these two battle their passion in private. Now they need to figure out if it’s worth risking everything, including their friendship, in order to pursue a future together as a couple.

You can find “Bassist with Benefits” at Apple, Google, B&N, Kobo, and Amazon.  Click to Purchase from Amazon.

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Reality Games

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Was it a Sex Game gone wrong?

Following a bizarre murder in Chicago, homicide detectives wonder how a man’s body was found naked inside a duffle bag. The man had zipped himself into the bag which was locked from the outside, its key on the inside with the body. He must have been a Houdini.

He’s a man with two lives: Jack Cassidy has a wife and two children in Chicago. Tim Kennedy has a wife in Los Angeles. Both are bisexual, promiscuous, and prefer men. A handsome gay college boy named Jan is the man they love. But which man was the murderer… Jack or Tim? And why did he kill? When several other bodies are found in a similar fashion, detectives suspect that the duffle bag murders were a sex game gone wrong, but were they?

He went into the apartment with the duffle bag and hid in a closet among some dresses on hangers and a small mountain of ladies shoes. Leaving the closet door slightly ajar, he saw two beat policemen lead a fifty-something, overweight plainclothes policeman and a very attractive young woman wearing a blue business suit into the apartment. Jan assumed they were Homicide detectives. He watched and listened from the closet as the detectives and two beat cops entered the bathroom.

Lieutenant Craven looked at the zipped-up and locked duffle bag and frowned. “Well, I’ll be damned!” he exclaimed. “How could a man’s body ever get itself in there and zip itself up inside! Definitely a homicide.”

Hearing that, there was no way Jan wanted police to discover him in the closet. While they and Herman the janitor were in the bathroom, he snuck out.

A short time later, Herman came for Jan. “The Homicide guy asked who discovered the duffle bag and I said we both did, so he wants to talk to you.”

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Kyle and Jason: Threesome


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There was one taboo that was never to be broken.
He did it anyway.
Now he must Submit to the Master with everything he has!

Jason had warned him at the very beginning that there was one taboo never to be broken. He was also told what would happen if he broke it, but he did it anyway.

He was taken to a room in the basement where the walls were made of dark grey stone, almost like a dungeon. The floor was covered with black, dull tiles. Kyle did not dare lift his gaze, but he was able to see somewhat from the corner of his eyes. In the middle of the room was a small platform with two armchairs and a small table between. On the right wall was a steel table which ran along the entirety of the room behind the platform. Mounted on the wall were chains, cuffs, gags, plugs and dildos, and other things just waiting to be used.

Seeing Kyle nude and submissively kneeling between his legs was perfect.

“Dave is into hardcore BDSM, his dominance almost brutal. It’s the only way he knows. He has a good reputation as a Dom,” Jason explained casually.

Their open lips met, and all three of their tongues touched in an erotic game. Dave kissed Kyle eagerly, exerting his dominance for the first time as emotions welled up from the darkest corners of his mind. It was the first time the three of them had sex together, and Kyle was the object of their desire.

Dave was not ready to let another man f**k him. He was the aggressor… always.


“How great are the chances that you might want more of Dave than I’d like you to have?” Jason asked.

Kyle blinked, stunned. “Zero!”

“Are you sure?”

Kyle bent forward until his face was an inch from Jason’s. “Yes!”

Jason felt his heart pounding. He wasn’t sure about Kyle. And Dave was good, despite his dark side.

Kyle and Jason: Threesome, by Andy D. Thomas, is Book 2 in the Kyle and Jason series. Read for free on Kindle Unlimited. Click Here to Purchase

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Fortune in Men’s Eyes


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Peter Kalin was born and raised at Beaux Arbres, his father’s plantation in the Northern Neck of the Commonwealth of Virginia. When it was discovered that Peter liked to sleep with men, a predilection frowned upon by elite society, Beauregard Michael Kalin had only one recourse. Disowned and banished, Peter Kalin purchased a small farm of his own and unwittingly became a stationmaster on the underground railroad system.

As any man, Peter could not predict where his road in life would lead, his path often determined by the decisions of others… the family patriarch, a man selling his farm, a rebellious slave, a parish minister… Robert E. Lee or President Lincoln. This is the story of Peter Kalin as he navigates his own road in 1850’s-60’s America.

How his farm had become a station, he didn’t know. Shortly after he bought the farm, just before dawn a woman knocked on his door. She asked for Mrs. Davenport and was shocked that she was no longer living there. She apologized for the intrusion and started to leave. But Peter did not return to his bed. Instead, he watched the woman sneak four people into his barn. He followed them, and when he entered, they were not to be seen. When he discovered a few bales of hay pushed aside in the rear of one of the stalls, he spied a trap door.

“Y’all better come on up out of there,” he shouted when he flipped it up. Slowly the woman and four strong ebony men emerged. They stood fearfully in a clump, not because Peter had caught them, but because his dog Rufus was at his heels and his teeth and fangs were bared. “Y’all are runaways, aren’t you,” he asked rhetorically. “You come a long way?” he inquired with a change in his tone.

“Yes, suh,” said the lady.

“Have you eaten?”

“Not since yesterday morning. Just some berries we found right before sunset.”

“I’ll be right back in a bit with some food for you.” He returned to the house and gathered some bowls, spoons, a large pot of freshly-made oatmeal, and some dried beef. “Here. You need some nourishment. Can’t have you on the run and starving.”

That was five years ago. Since then, many groups followed the drinking gourd to his farm. All Peter asked in return was that they dig out a little more of the underground hideaway. He added some rough beds so his guests didn’t have to sleep on the ground, and always kept enough food handy to make sandwiches for his over-day guests. At night he gave them the directions to Caleb Ross’s, the next station on their route north.

“Massuh Peter, Massuh Peter,” shouted a raspy voice as fists pounded on his door one September morning barely past sunup.

He opened the door to find Rastus, the Negro butler from his father’s plantation.

“My, you looking like a fine young man. Maryland doing you good, Sir.”

“Rastus, what are you doing here?”

“Delivering a present to you from yo’ daddy.” He stepped aside, and there was Bahu. “Seems your daddy just found out who it was that made you want to like men. He was going to cut his thing off, but I suggested he send Bahu to you instead. I mean, I may not have approved of what you guys did together, but I think yo’ daddy’s ideas of punishment are a little harsh for just wanting to find a little love.”

“How did Daddy find out?”

“Fortune in Men’s Eyes,” is an inspirational novel by Duncan More. This historical, interracial love story can be purchased from Amazon (ebook and print), B&N, Google Books, All Romance ebooks, Apple and Kobo.

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Tired of the cold gray skies of the island of Manhattan, Sebastian longed for the clear blue skies of summer and the gentle beating of waves against distant island shores – like a hot August weekend on Fire Island at the Pines. So, he decided to take a few months away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and head to Puerto Rico.

The flight wasn’t too bad once he saw the very attentive and absolutely gorgeous flight steward whose nametag said Ramón Ramirez. The uniform of dark blue Bermuda shorts, short-sleeved white oxford shirt, and dark blue bowtie revealed enough of the olive skin to make Sebastian visualize him totally naked, and he liked what he saw. Prior to take-off, Ramón was closing all the overhead storage bins and had to stand on his toes to rearrange some luggage above Sebastian’s aisle seat so the bin would lock properly. That put his crotch right in Sebastian’s face if Sebastian had been forward enough to turn his head and nuzzle. But the scent of pure manliness did tease Sebastian’s nostrils from the short distance nonetheless.

Later, taking beverage orders, he politely asked, “Would you and your family like to order something now?”

“Oh, we’re not a family. Ticketing just booked us all in the same row,” Sebastian said, with a glance at the mother and whiny child seated next to him.

“Pardon me, I should know better than to make that assumption.” He smiled the same gratuitous smile that all airline employees have when trying their best to give customers personalized service… a gentle raising of the corners of the mouth and a little flash of teeth. His were sparkling white. “What would you like?”

“You in the restroom right now alone with me,” was the thought that dashed across Sebastian’s mind. “Bourbon and water,” were the words that crossed his lips.

Sebastian silently admired the well-manicured hands of the steward. The brilliant white half-moons at the base of evenly trimmed nails contrasted with his skin tone. His arms were richly endowed with silky black hair that ended at his wrist but continued along the outside edge of his hands. Sebastian wondered if the chest was as pleasantly fuzzy, or as barren as his own chest. He had already admired the chest and nipples straining against the oxford shirt. This was stuff that fulfilled his fantasy sessions.

Sebastian, a hot erotic romance novel by Duncan More, can be purchased from Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Apple, and All Romance ebooks. The link to Amazon is at the top of this page.

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