B.J. Scott and B.K. Wright

Authors of Exciting and Exotic Gay Fiction

Maybe This Time


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One drink too many and he wakes up naked in the bed of a man… that he thought was a woman!

One drunken night leads Dillon to the bed of a man that he could have sworn was a woman. Waking up naked in the bed of a drag queen is a shock, to say the least. But he kinda likes the guy. The problem is… the queen works at the same bank as Dillon. So, is it “hands off” or does he take another chance on love… and with a man? And what would happen to his career if anyone discovered his secret?

He woke up in a strange bed, completely nude, with his pants, pullover shirt, socks, underwear and new t-shirt neatly draped over a nearby chair. He didn’t remember anything: hitting on a girl, accepting her invitation, scoring – nothing of what would have been his first sexual conquest. But here he was in some chick’s bedroom all alone. He heard the sound of dishes coming from another room. That meant she was still around, which was good. He decided to lie there and wait. A little morning delight would be a lot better than whatever he couldn’t remember of the night before.

“Good morning, sexy. Glad to see you’re up – not up like you were last night. God, you’ve got a big one.” Dillon was a little shocked to see a rather swishy guy posing in the doorway completely nude. “How do you want your eggs this morning?” he asked.

“What am I doing here?” Dillon asked, totally shocked.

“I’d say recuperating from the best f**k you probably ever gave a guy. God, you’re an animal when you’re hot.”

“I f**ked you?” Dillon asked hesitantly and unbelievably.

“Sure did. And, honey, it was good!”

“You’re serious!” Dillon was incredulous. The concept didn’t make sense.

“Right there on that bed. Lubed me up and shoved it right in.”

“How? Why? I don’t remember much of anything after I started that food challenge.”

“Oh, honey, you won that hands down. Then you ordered several more shots. You were very sociable, chatting with everyone. You staggered a little when you stood up and I helped you to the bathroom. You had trouble getting it out. I had to help or you would have peed right down your leg. You told me it was the first time anyone else had ever touched you, and you liked it. I told you I could do much more if you wanted. So we came back here. We got in bed and I started giving you head. And damn, you got real hard real fast. I wanted that thing slamming into me. You said ‘what the hell’ and so we did. Damn, it was good. You have any idea how loud you are?”

“Maybe This Time” by Duncan More is available from Amazon – Kindle Unlimited. Click Here to Purchase.

August 6, 2017 - Posted by | erotic romance

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