B.J. Scott and B.K. Wright

Authors of Exciting and Exotic Gay Fiction

Reality Games

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Was it a Sex Game gone wrong?

Following a bizarre murder in Chicago, homicide detectives wonder how a man’s body was found naked inside a duffle bag. The man had zipped himself into the bag which was locked from the outside, its key on the inside with the body. He must have been a Houdini.

He’s a man with two lives: Jack Cassidy has a wife and two children in Chicago. Tim Kennedy has a wife in Los Angeles. Both are bisexual, promiscuous, and prefer men. A handsome gay college boy named Jan is the man they love. But which man was the murderer… Jack or Tim? And why did he kill? When several other bodies are found in a similar fashion, detectives suspect that the duffle bag murders were a sex game gone wrong, but were they?

He went into the apartment with the duffle bag and hid in a closet among some dresses on hangers and a small mountain of ladies shoes. Leaving the closet door slightly ajar, he saw two beat policemen lead a fifty-something, overweight plainclothes policeman and a very attractive young woman wearing a blue business suit into the apartment. Jan assumed they were Homicide detectives. He watched and listened from the closet as the detectives and two beat cops entered the bathroom.

Lieutenant Craven looked at the zipped-up and locked duffle bag and frowned. “Well, I’ll be damned!” he exclaimed. “How could a man’s body ever get itself in there and zip itself up inside! Definitely a homicide.”

Hearing that, there was no way Jan wanted police to discover him in the closet. While they and Herman the janitor were in the bathroom, he snuck out.

A short time later, Herman came for Jan. “The Homicide guy asked who discovered the duffle bag and I said we both did, so he wants to talk to you.”

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