B.J. Scott and B.K. Wright

Authors of Exciting and Exotic Gay Fiction

Master of Criminals – Rescue (Part 1)

International Crime Drama

International Crime Drama

Since Kyon’s kidnapping, Tashi feels responsible for his abduction. He assembles a team to go to Saint Petersburg, as it is believed that Vladimir is in Russia and Kyon is with him, if he is still alive. The local police insist they know nothing and that they have no records of Vladimir or Ryzdul, so Tashi and his team decide to investigate in person and go to Russia. They learn that Vladimir frequents rather peculiar night clubs, and a plan is set into motion to find him.

Following the Master’s arrival, Vladimir has had little time to indulge his somewhat peculiar sexual appetites, so when he notices the sexy blonde angels kissing each other on the dance floor, he feels the desire growing inside of him and he approaches the gorgeous foreigners. Although they dismiss him quickly, the way they dance together arouses Vlad’s innermost desires and the way they speak make him lust for them even more. He is unaware that it is a set up, but he is much too clever to be caught easily, if ever, and there is no guarantee that he will lead the foreign guests to the Master.

Vladimir watched them dance. It was difficult to tell which of them was more handsome than the other, the silver-haired blonde or the golden-haired blonde. They were both gorgeous and perfect in every way. They danced together sensually and aroused Vlad’s innermost desires. Both of them were tall, strong, sexy, and incredibly beautiful, causing Vladimir to lust for them, even though they leaned and touched each other as if they had already chosen partners for the night. It didn’t matter. Vladimir had chosen them. To his puzzlement, the gorgeous foreigners dismissed him by informing him that they would be spending the night together. After evaluating how deeply their words had stung, the platinum-haired blonde stared at him and said in a charming dreamy way, “But who knows about tomorrow? Just behave and wait for our call.” Vladimir felt his blood boiling. Behave? Of course he could instruct his men to seize the beautiful specimens right away, but the promise of tomorrow had an unanticipated effect upon him. They exchanged phone numbers and walked away, saying they would be back tomorrow. Promises hung in the air. Vlad would have to get free from his commitments, as only a nuclear disaster would prevent him from returning to the club if the hot tourists called him. With his heart racing, Vlad watched them walk away. They moved like cats. He could hardly wait for tomorrow.

As always, Vladimir’s exit would be preceded by a multitude of security measures. One man would go all the way to the mansion to scan the road for unusual out comings. After that, his head of security would allow him to leave the club. Normally Vlad would complain and check his watch every minute, but tonight he was so entranced by the blondes that he didn’t notice the five minute delay from the green light indicating that he was to leave.

“Master of Criminals – Rescue (Part 1),” a gripping international crime novel by A.J. Reyes, is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, Google Play, All Romance ebooks, Sony, and Coffeetime Romance.

Rescue – Part 2 (the exciting conclusion of the ‘Master of Criminals’ series) is coming soon, as well as the print book of Master of Criminals – Rescue.

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