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More Meat

More Meat

Erotic Fiction

Office and Construction Workers, Frat Guys and Farm Boys; Bedtime stories for guys who don’t wanna go right to sleep.

“Are you serious?” Javier grinned as he handed the invitation back to me.  “You’d pay me two hundred bucks to pretend I’m your boyfriend for this ceremony?  I just have to go to Chicago for the weekend – hotel and food on you – and hang on you at the reception?

“Yep.  No kissing or groping, just flirt like you mean it and hold my hand now and then.  You in?” 

“That’s half a car payment, man.  I’m in!”  My sexy Puerto Rican coworker laughed as he stuck his wide hand out and grabbed mine.  “See, I ain’t afraid of holdin’ hands with no guy!”

The following Saturday the ceremony went just as I had hoped.  The couple walked down the aisle, words were exchanged, then the ballroom was opened for a huge sit down dinner.  I got to introduce Javier, who thoughtfully nuzzled into me at just the right second, as my ex let his eyes rove up and down my sexy “date” without a clue that the sexy Puerto Rican was as straight as a Marine DI was supposed to be.

Later, much later, we stumbled back to the room, not drunk, but buzzed enough to make us both happy. 

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve wanted to mess around for a long time.  This just made it convenient.”  Javier smiled as his fingers ran down the length of me. 

Leaning back against the wall, I could do nothing but sigh deeply as Javier worked me over. 


Waking with a start, my mind quickly processed the fact that a long warm body was pressing up against my back.  Swimming through the dark haze of sleep that clouded my mind, I let myself relax against the rhythmic breathing and warm skin against mine as I focused on what was going on.

After a two week climb of Denali, the tallest mountain in North America, our gay climbing group had flown back in from the base camp to Talkeetna, Alaska.  We had been lucky to get the last few rooms and we had to double up, me sharing with Peter, a tall sweet blond who was now absently nuzzling against me.  Not that I minded.  My lover had left six months earlier and it felt good to have a strong arm around me.  We were all exhausted and I doubted that Peter was even aware of what he was doing.  But I did hope I was wrong at the same time.

Shifting slightly, I was trying to get comfortable when Peter yawned lightly, then gripped me tightly again before groggily coming to.  “You feel nice,” he sighed as he shifted his arms into a circle around my upper chest and began to stroke a thumb down over my forearm.  “Don’t know how Richard could have walked away from this.” 

“We had a good climb, huh,” I whispered nervously.

“Yeah, but I haven’t been able to think of anything but climbing you the whole time,” he whispered as he nuzzled his freshly shaved face alongside mine.

“Peter, I’ve got to say something you may think is stupid but it’s true and before we go on…,” I started, my body trembling at his touch.

“Don’t, worry.  We’ll play safe,” he interrupted.

“That’s not it.  It’s just that the only guy I was ever with was Richard.” 

“Then I’ll be gentle.”  

“I was kind of hoping you wouldn’t be…,” I grinned back.

“Really, nobody else?  That makes you almost a virgin,” the blond whispered as he pressed his wind burned face down to mine for a fast kiss. 

“More Meat,” erotic fiction by Tanner, is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, All Romance ebooks, Kobo and Sony.  Coming soon to the iBookstores.

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