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Trail’s End

Trail's End

Western/Cowboy Fiction

Dusty Calhoun, recovering from wounds from a train robbery gone wrong, must leave the Wind River Reservation and catch up to his gang of wild boys before it is too late to save them and the gold.  A message of a traitor sets Dusty off to embark on a ride through the west with unexpected encounters and places; where he must decide who he can trust, who his pals really are, and finally put the haunting memories of the Blakely Gang to rest.  Dusty knows he never should have let Jake Willowford go on without him after all the hell and high water they have been through together.  The time has come to make it right, to see it through and to find his cowboy where the trails end.

Dusty’s eyes flutter and he cannot make out the words but he understands them inside, he sees them on her lips in the dim glow and smiles.  The fire returns but it is cool, so cool, over his naked flesh.  No one is inside the lodge now.  He shivers, the sweat rolling off his skin as his muscles strain.  The raw wounds have been covered with more powder and leaves.  The warmth returns starting at his loins and slowly spreads throughout his body.  Dusty can smell his own scent over the sage, a rich masculine scent of sex, and he is filled with thoughts of desire and of Jake’s touch.  The dark hair slicked back, calm brown eyes showing lust and love and Jake’s lithe body so eager to please take Dusty to the limit.  Jake is all that matters in Dusty’s mind’s eye.  In the semi darkness he feels release without laying a hand on himself and he breathes heavy, feeling the hurt all over again. 


The melancholy wail of the train whistle sounds off from down El Paso way where the border and the freedom of Mexico beyond its imaginary boundaries lie.  An oasis has been created a few miles outside the Texas town by the recent plentiful rains.  Jake Willowford and Frank Ward are skinny dipping in the newly formed watering hole, their clothes, boots and guns stowed away in the saddlebags of their horses.  Jake’s bobbing body is tanned from the long ride to the south while Frank’s hide is more burned than brown especially on his shoulders and back.  Jake’s dark eyes meet Frank’s lighter ones as both of them tread cool water in the deeper middle.  A warm breeze gritty with sand strikes them from the desert surroundings complementing the coolness of the pond.  

“Now this is something special.”  Jake drifts and relaxes enjoying the cool calming sensation over his bare skin. 

“It sure is.”  Frank speaks his devious thoughts.  “You want to….?”

Jake shakes his head, “Ain’t gonna happen.” 

“Trail’s End”, a cowboy/western by David Sharp, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Amazon, Sony, Kobo ebooks, B&N, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance.  Our website is

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