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Military Meat

Military Meat

Erotic Fiction

Military Meat is a collection of erotic stories featuring sexy Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines doing what has always come naturally with men serving together.  From a Major who celebrates his promotion by finally submitting to his attraction to other guys, to roommates who discover they share much more than a barracks room, to Rangers on Recon who cool off with a skinny dip and then heat the afternoon up again with wild sex in the woods, the stories in “Military Meat” celebrate the lust of military men and how they quench it.  Mechanics with big tools, pilots learning how to handle a buddy’s joy stick, guards letting more than their guard down while on duty, and guys getting out of the barracks on leave…the stories in this collection run from (pre-condom) dark ages when homosex was forbidden in the military through the era of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

The five of us were three weeks from graduating from the US Army Quartermaster Corp at Fort Lee, Virginia.  The ancient barracks we were quartered in for training had grown even more depressing after we had come back from a week long leave over the holidays, so we had all kicked in and taken a room in a clean but seedy motel right outside the main gate of the sprawling training base.  The four of them wanted to watch some games while I just wanted out of the barracks for awhile.

Spivey and Penney, tall blonds from Ohio who were more like brothers than buddies, fought like mad dogs but never went anywhere without the other one.  Marty, our jock, had raven black hair and equally piercing eyes and I hated to be alone with him because every time we were by ourselves I wanted nothing more than to grab his face and pull him in for long, wet kisses.  I’d been able to control myself but it wasn’t always easy, especially back in those dark ages way before DADT which this was – the No HoMo rule reigned supreme. 

Then there was Gary Bennett, a streetwise punk from the streets of Detroit with dirty blond hair that stuck up in wild clumps all over his head, and his smile, when he used it, drove me up a wall with desire.  I’d have given most anything to have had him kiss me but I knew that would never be on the table.  Still, all of us were still corded with a thick layer of muscle from our months in basic training so I frequently got to see him strutting around in just his GI issue boxers.  And me, I was considered the smart one just because I wore glasses and read. 

“Dudes, how about some cards?” Bennett giggled, producing a worn pack from his pocket and giving them an expert shuffle.

“Not with the way you cheat!”

“Only with a new pack, man,” were a few of the rejoinders that came in fast and furious response.  The last time we had all played together Bennett had won both the Ohio boys’ paychecks and good chunks of cash from Marty and me.  We had all avoided cards with him since.

“Ok, I’m in,” I said as I set my beer aside, “But I’m almost broke,” I cautioned, and the others jumped in with the same response.

“Seven card,”


“Gin,” that one was from me.  I was much better at that or Go Fish than poker any day of the week.     

By midnight Bennett had a huge wad of money in front of him.  He was, as usual, playing as if his life were at stake.  I was down to my last five bucks, the Ohio twins had already folded, so it was down to three on this hand and I knew I wasn’t long for this game.  It was almost a relief when Bennett upped the ante and I folded, hitting the latrine.  When I came out the hand had ended as I assumed it would, with Bennett as the victor.

“Aw c’mon man, one more hand before lights out,” Bennett begged as he flipped the cards through his hand like a Las Vegas dealer.

“Yeah, sure, and what’re we gonna use for money?”


“You kiddin’?” Penney yelped.  “We’re all gonna be in hock to you until payday as it is.”

“Then how about we play strip,” Bennett said slowly, head bent toward the table, “it’s just us guys.”

“What the hell, ain’t played this since junior high and it might be fun stoned,” Penney said, pulling himself over to the table.

As if he knew the reaction he would get from me, Bennett shot me that smile, the one that rammed his tongue down my throat without touching me, and wordlessly I sat down to take my hand.

The first hand wasn’t so bad.  Bennett, as expected, won and we lost out shirts.  Literally.  After another five or so hands things weren’t looking so good in terms of the game for anyone but Bennett, but the look in general was sexy as hell for me.  Everyone was at least bare chested.  Penney was practically playing both hands for himself and Spivey.  I don’t know how he managed but he kept the two of them in the game longer than me.  I was the first to shuck out of my shorts and toss them onto the table amid cat calls and shrieks as I sat my bare butt back down onto the bench.

“Now we’re playin’ some poker!” Bennett grinned as I picked up my hand.  Seeing the guys I lived with, played with, fantasized about and drooled over, in just their underwear was a little exciting and naughty.

“Since I’m out can I have my clothes back?” I asked Bennett, who had a laundry load of our assorted clothes piled in a mound next to his chair.

“Who says you don’t have a service to offer as ante?” he said. 

“I, I don’t know what you mean,” I said, feeling cold bumps along the back of my naked back.

“Military Meat,” by Tanner, is a collection of erotic stories of men doing what comes naturally when serving together, and is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, All Romance ebooks, Kobo and Sony. 


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