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Prized Son

Prized Son

Gay Erotic Fiction

Cruising the airport in clever disguises, the prince is on the hunt for a mate for his son.  The devious man waits patiently for an unsuspecting tourist or businessman to wander away from the flock.  Prepared to use any means necessary, including kidnapping, to give his son what he craves, the prince is determined to present his prized son with the commodity bought and sold for centuries as “white gold.”

It was not difficult to spot that one lone wolf in a sea of outgoing tourists and businessmen.  The prince was wise and could easily tailor his plans as necessary.  He waited where he usually did in the busy airport.  The whitest of gold could always be found near the terminals destined for the northern European countries and during certain times of the year those terminals whose visitors were destined for theUnited States.


Asad stood and his father was pleased by the sight that met his eyes.  His son was dark which would please the gods, but he knew there was not much time left.  The prince was getting on in years and he needed to begin his search in earnest tonight.  Asad was beautiful, his body muscular and toned.  He was tall and sexy, though no woman would ever please him.  The prince had discovered his son’s secret years ago.  His son craved the forbidden and nearing his thirtieth year, it was time for the son of the prince to receive that which he deserved. 

Tonight the prince would wait patiently at the airport for a man who had wandered from the herd.  There was no turning back now.  The prince would bring his son the white gold that would satisfy his cravings.  It was not good for a man to be seen at the baths the way his son was seen…lurking, leering, and desiring that which was expected to be desired with a woman. 

The prince had everything arranged for his son, everything except for the prize.  The prince looked regal tonight as he donned his formal attire in preparation of his journey. 

“Where are we going, father?” 

“Stay here tonight, Asad.  I will bring you something, but first you must sleep.” 

 “Prized Son”, gay erotic fiction by B.J. Scott, is available in the Amazon Kindle Stores, B&N, Sony Reader Store, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, 1 Erotica ebooks, 1 Place for Romance.  Website –  Coming soon to the iBookstores.

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