B.J. Scott and B.K. Wright

Authors of Exciting and Exotic Gay Fiction

The Graduate

The Graduate

Erotic Fiction

Tonight is the night.  Jay is graduating with high honors and as his reward his mentor of the past four years has a special gift waiting for him.  Jay has no idea what this special gift could be, but he is supposed to meet his gorgeous mentor, Landon, at his beach house following graduation tonight.  After the obligatory time spent with his family, Jay drives as fast as he can to Landon’s beach house and to his awaiting special gift. 

Landon had heard him pull up, and he met Jay with an open door.  “Congrats, Jay, you made it.  You are now my colleague and as such, I must show you the proper respect.”  He bowed and Jay just laughed.  “Come in, Jay.  Champagneis flowing tonight.”  Jay could see clearly that Landon had already had a few and he could also see what he had wanted since the two of them had first met, Landon’s very enticing package. 


Jay turned around to see his mentor, the well respected attorney, completely undressed except for a silk thong he wore that was struggling to contain its bulging contents.  Jay had no idea that Landon was so fit.  His body was perfect.  Jay was staring at Landon’s thong, though, waiting and hoping for something to fall out. 

Landon ran his hands along the top of the thong.  “What do you think, Jay?  My shirts aren’t the only thing made of silk.  I love silk thongs.  Silk is the only kind I wear.”

Jay couldn’t take his eyes off of the shiny thing.  “It’s very nice, Landon.” 

Landon walked over to Jay.  “Touch it, Jay.  You’ll like the way it feels.” 

“The Graduate,” erotic fiction by B.J. Scott, is available from the six Apple iBookstores; Barnes & Noble; Rainbow ebooks; Bookstrand; 1 Erotica ebooks; All Romance ebooks; and Extasy Books. 

For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the picture above.

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