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Ruling Henry

Ruling Henry



Seth is the youngest man to have ever been considered for the Professors Club and he thinks his career has finally taken off.  His favorite professor has recommended him for this most prestigious organization and tonight Seth will do anything to show his appreciation.  Showing up at the door, a bottle of wine in hand, Seth is ready to toast his future with the man who has made it all possible.  Little does Seth know that the odd little man he knows as Professor Ikstraub has his own plans for a night alone with his new colleague.

Professor Ikstraub was not a particularly attractive man.  He was rather short, his dark haired was heavily speckled with gray, and he was a rather average looking man actually.  But there was something about Professor Ikstraub that was very sensual, very raw and erotic, and Seth would have given almost anything to have just one fling with him.


“Come on, Henry, we’re done here.”

“No, Seth.  They will smell me on you.  You know the power of my scent.  That is what brought you here, isn’t it?  Isn’t that what drove you into a wild animal?” 

Seth had to admit that there was something about Henry.  It certainly had not been the professor’s charm or good looks that drove him mad.  “What do you want, Henry?” 

“Just a little more time with you, Seth.  Come with me.” 

Seth had little choice in the matter.  He followed the odd little man into the master bath. 

“You and I are going to do it in here, Seth.” 

“Ruling Henry” is available in the six Apple iBookstores; Rainbow ebooks; Barnes & Noble; Bookstrand; 1 Place for Romance; All Romance ebooks. 

For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the picture above.

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