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J's Place
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Toby has been begging Van to let him come to one of his parties, and now he is finally here.  Toby has no idea what to expect, but being hit on within the first few minutes of his arrival is definitely a good way to get a party going.  Toby soon learns that Van is running a business, and that Van is very specific about the requirements of the men who work for him.  He also learns that pleasing men is sometimes learned the hard way.

Toby was younger than most of the guys here, and exactly what J had wanted.  Van knew that J would pay extra for Toby, and Van needed the money to continue his business.  J was a big man with big muscles and lots of dark hair.  He took Toby’s head in his hands and kissed him hard.  Toby was breathless when the man pulled his mouth off of his. 

J pushed Toby gently onto the sofa and knelt in front of him on the floor.  He quickly undid Toby’s jeans and pulled them down.


The men returned to the room, and Van paired them with the newcomers of his choosing according to what he wanted each of them to learn in order to work for him.  Van chose Toby and determined to make Van jealous, J took Van’s blonde boy.  Van was a little bit jealous.  He really liked the cute little blonde, but not as much as he liked Toby.

“J’s Place” is available in the six Apple iBookstores; Barnes & Noble; Bookstrand; Rainbow ebooks; Extasy Books (Trapezium section).

For the U.S. Apple iBookstore link to “J’s Place”, click on the picture above.

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