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2 for the Show

2 for the Show

Erotic Fiction

When Mitch is asked to pose nude for a well known magazine, all he wants is a little action.  Mitch quickly learns that Mack Shier Productions is much more than just magazines.  The owner plans to make a name for himself in the adult film industry and after only one day with Mitch, the famous Mack Shier knows he has found the man who will make him rich.  Fame and fortune may only be a dream, however, if Mitch is unwilling to take orders from the company’s leading money maker, a man who demands complete obedience, in every way, from the new guys.

“I know who our main readers are – gay men.  But you are damned hot, Mitch, and I am as straight as an arrow.  If I can see it, every gay man in the world will see it.” 

Realizing that his secret was still safe, Mitch thought about it.  He knew he was hot, and he just might get a lot of action from posing nude.  “Do I get the centerfold?” 

Jack hadn’t thought about that, but Mitch was certainly hot enough for a centerfold.  Jack was certain he could work it out with his boss.  Once Mack Shier got a look at Mitch, there was no way he could turn him down for the centerfold.  “You got it, buddy.” 


Mitch walked into the dining room where he and another guy were to pose on the dining room table.  Mitch had no problem with that.  He could pose on a table.  Hell, he would even do a guy on a table.

“Okay, guys, time to bare it.” 

Mitch tossed his robe aside and several gasps echoed throughout the room.  Jack had seen his friend naked a few times, but he was still impressed.  Mitch had a body to die for.  He was muscular, but not in a body builder sort of way.  His stomach looked like a washboard, and when he walked nothing seemed to move.  But what caused the gasps was what Mitch stuffed into his shorts every day.


The hot dark hand moved to Mitch’s face and forced Mitch’s head to the side.  “Kiss me,” he ordered.  Jamal was in complete control of Mitch and he forced his head to his open mouth.  The kiss was forceful and passionate and Mitch did not want it to end.  When Jamal pulled his head back, Mitch struggled to maintain contact with those powerful lips. 

“You liked my tongue in that mouth, did you?” 

Mitch slowly opened his eyes. 

“Suck on this,” Jamal ordered, shoving a thick finger into Mitch’s open mouth. 

“2 for the Show” is available in the six Apple iBookstores, Amazon US, UK, DE, Barnes & Noble, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, 1 Place for Romance, and eXstasy Books (Trapezium section).  For the U.S. Apple iBookstore, click on the picture above.

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