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Midnight Craving

Midnight Craving


Don has no idea when it began, but he has become obsessed with men, or more specifically, a particular part of a man’s anatomy.  While off work due to an injury, Don begins watching porn, gay porn, and it soon begins to take over his thoughts and his dreams.  Then one night when Don cannot sleep, he knows that he will not rest until he gets what he craves.

Don had never considered himself to be anything but straight.  He played football in high school, a jock to the core, and he had been with more women than he could remember.  Don had never ever, not even for a second, thought that he might be bi, much less gay, but over the last year or so something had changed.  He had developed what could only be described as a craving, a real hunger to be with a man. 


Sometimes Don would fantasize about the guys on the screen being with him in his own living room as he watched them do each other.  “How long have I been like this?”  Don asked himself this every time he watched one of these juicy porn flicks, but it didn’t stop him from watching them.  Don only wanted more.


Out of the corner of his eye, Don noticed train tracks that seemed to be a sort of path that led into the woods and on a whim he decided to see where it led.  The tracks ended, but the path continued and was like a maze as it led Don through turn after turn.  He had almost decided to turn around and head back to his car before he got completely turned around when he began to hear moans.  The moans were low and soft at first.  Don stopped and looked around, but he saw no one. 

This erotic ebook is available at Amazon US and UK, Barnes & Noble, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, Trapezium ebooks, 1Place for Romance, and All Romance ebooks. 

Coming soon to the Apple iBookstores. 

Available in Spanish – “Medianoche Deseo” – at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.

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  1. Hello! My name is also Shannon Pearce (a woman in CA)… wow…. loving all the old friends searching my name to “reconnect” and coming up with your site! Rock on alter ego Shannon Pearce! Best wishes…

    Comment by Shannon Pearce | February 12, 2011 | Reply

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