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Doctors Wilde – Romp in Rome

Doctors Wilde-Romp in Rome

A Fun Romantic Adventure

A thirst for thrills and a mind for mischief lead Gary and Gordy to an uninhabited old castle where they are led through maze after maze and from the exotic to the erotic by an unseen inhabitant of the dark and dreary dwelling.  With fervor for the forbidden, the fun loving Doctors Wilde may have stumbled into the home of someone or something that did not appreciate their visit.



The narrow winding road that led to the old abandoned castle meandered its way through the trees which became denser and denser as the darkness of night quickly overshadowed the lightness of day.  “There it is, Gordy.”  Gordy could barely see the old stone castle that sat high upon a hill.  It certainly appeared to be abandoned.  “No one lives there, Gary?”  “We shall see, Gordy.  I’m sure that someone or something calls this dwelling home.  Tonight, however, they will have overnight guests.” 


A very erotic film was beginning, and the two men stopped in mid gulp to watch it play out.  “Damn.  Hot stuff.”  “Uh, huh,” Gordy agreed.  As they watched two very well endowed actors go at it on the high definition screen, Gary and Gordy quickly became aroused.  “Since we’re all alone here, except for our invisible music man, I gotta let him out, Gordy.”  Gary unzipped his jeans and lowered them down over his butt.  Gordy’s head turned from side to side as he alternated between watching the hot guys on the screen do each other and watching Gary.

Gordy and Gary were soon mesmerized by the two lovers on the screen as they were doing each other in the sixty-nine position.  Gordy glanced over at Gary, who raised an eyebrow mischievously at his lover.  “Race you to the floor.”  Gary and Gordy were out of their jeans in a second and on the floor in the same position as the two guys on the screen. 

This fun romantic adventure ebook is available at Amazon US, UK, B&N, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, 1Place for Romance, All Romance ebooks, and coming soon to the Apple iBookstores.


For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.


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