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Fleet Week

Fleet Week

Gay Erotica

Sam and Mike love sailors, and they look forward to Fleet Week all year long.  The fine specimens who call the sea their lady often find comfort in the arms of men once their ships have docked and their feet are on dry land.  This year, Sam and Mike are on the prowl again as they cruise the men in white who, just as they, are not looking for a long term commitment.  This is their week, the week seemingly reserved for Sam and Mike and their seafaring sex gods.  This is Fleet Week.

It was Fleet Week, the week when the Navy ships docked and the week when the entire city was filled with sailors looking for a good time.  Sam and his friend, Mike, were looking for a good time, too.  They loved hooking up with the men of the armed forces, be they foreign or domestic, and they especially loved the sailors.  These seafaring men who had not seen land in months were horny, hungry, and had the bodies that every man dreamed of having.  And, like Sam and Mike, these swords of the sea were not looking for anything serious.  This was the week that Sam and Mike looked forward to all year. 


As Sam and Mike watched this year’s crop of sailors cruising the strip, they were both thinking about that time in Italy.  “Damn, those sailors were hung, Mike.”  “Sure were.  Don’t know if the guys in the porn theater were sailors, though.”  “Had to be, Mike.  They smelled wonderful, and the guys at the hotel were as clean as a whistle, inside and out, if you know what I mean.”  Mike grinned at his friend, and then quickly turned his attention back to the parade of man candy as it passed by the two of them on the busy street. 

This very erotic story is available at Amazon US and UK, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, 1Place for Romance, All Romance ebooks, and coming soon to the Apple iBookstores.

To locate the book in the  Amazon US  store, click on the picture above.

Also available in Spanish – Semana de la Flota – at Amazon.

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