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Big Rig

Big Rig

An Erotic Story

When John reluctantly agrees to meet his ex-boyfriend at a truck stop, he very quickly realizes that he does not fit in with this crowd, in his designer clothes and with his Mercedes convertible parked outside.  As he waits for his ex to show, John watches the truckers come and go, and he thinks about his one lingering fantasy.  More than once, John has passed an eighteen wheeler on the interstate and wondered what it would be like to be inside the cab of a big rig.  When it appears that John’s ex has failed to show, he wonders if he should dare try and live out his fantasy of being with one of those men who seem to be the kings of the highways.

This erotic story is available at Amazon US, UK, Barnes & Noble, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, and will soon be available in the six Apple iBookstores.  For the Amazon US link, click on the picture.

Also available en espanol – Camion Grandes – Amazon.

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