B.J. Scott and B.K. Wright

Authors of Exciting and Exotic Gay Fiction

How I Met Mr. Right

How I Met Mr. Right

An erotic romance

James is in a constant search to find the man of his dreams, expecting to find instant love.  Again and again, he hurries to tell his best friend all about his new love, the man he has just met and the man he is certain that he is meant to be with forever, and again and again, his best friend is there to pick up the pieces when the man of James’ dreams breaks his heart.  Trying to convince James that love takes time is something that his best friend is beginning to find exhausting, but as his best friend he goes along with James in his numerous and sometimes ridiculous schemes as he continues his search for Mr. Right.

Royce knew what James was like, though.  Instant love was what he was looking for, and the chances of finding it here or anywhere for that matter were pretty remote.  He hadn’t even approached this man yet and already he was hearing wedding bells.  Would James never learn?  Royce felt yet again the strange pangs that twisted his stomach whenever his best friend latched onto a new man.  He couldn’t explain the feeling, or even identify it, but it happened every time. 

The two of them had been friends forever.  They had grown up together, had explored their awakening sexuality with each other and knew they were both gay without ever having to examine their feelings or agonize over coming out.  Almost identical in age, they told each other everything, and yet they were as different as two people could possibly be. 


James approached the man of his dreams with ebbing confidence.  It had seemed like a good idea to ask him to dance when he was in the safety of Royce’s company, but as he got closer his doubts surfaced.  But it was too late now to back down.  “Hi,” he said, trying to sound bright.  “I’m James.”  He held out his hand in greeting, and the man took it tentatively.  “Robert,” he said, disinterestedly.  “How about a dance?” James asked. 

Available at Amazon US, UK, and B&N.  Coming soon to the six Apple iBookstores.  For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.

También está disponible en español en Amazon – Cómo Conocí a Mr. Right.

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