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Beware the HitchHiker

Beware the HitchHiker

An erotic story

Jake is getting tired of driving as much as he does, but it’s a living, and not a bad living at that.  To kill the boredom of the highways, Jake finds other ways to entertain himself while driving, if you know what I mean.  He gets comfortable, very comfortable, behind the wheel.  Jake is a thrill seeker in every way, a seeker of dangerous thrills.  There is one thrill that Jake especially enjoys.  He likes to pick up hitchhikers.  He does this for two reasons.  Picking up a hitchhiker breaks the monotony of driving alone, and also, and more importantly, Jake has had the best sex of his life with the strangers that he has picked up.  Maybe it’s the thrill of a new man, or maybe it’s the thrill itself, but Jake simply cannot resist a hitchhiker.  The hitchhiker that Jake picks up on this trip takes him to a whole new level of thrills.


Jake was well into his personal enjoyment when he noticed a hitchhiker on the side of the road, just standing there in the rain.  He was soaking wet and had to have been cold.  That was one other thing that Jake could not resist, picking up hitchhikers.  He had picked up many hitchhikers, so many in fact that he was sure he had more than one life.  Any one of them could have been a cold blooded killer.  But Jake couldn’t resist a new man, either.  Call it dumb luck, or getting it good, Jake had had some of the best sex of his life with hitchhikers.  This guy standing on the side of the road was cute, too. 

This erotic story is available at Amazon US and UK, Rainbow eBooks, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, Trapezium eBooks, 1Place for Romance (formerly 1Romance eBooks), and All Romance eBooks.

For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.

This story is also available in Spanish at Amazon US and UK (Cuidado con el Autoestopista).

The story will be available next week from the Apple iBookstores.

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