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Make it Three


Make it Three

An erotic story

Ron arrives at the house of his mystery lover not knowing what to expect.  The man invites him in and they quickly get to know each other.  Ron likes this new lover and decides to let nature takes its course for the evening.  It isn’t until Ron and his lover are completely caught up in the passion of the night that Ron realizes he is not the only man who has been invited for the night.

Ron was nervous as he knocked on the door of the stranger’s home.  He had no idea what to expect or what he might be getting himself into.  He could be found dead in this house tomorrow for all he knew.  When the door opened, there stood one of the prettiest men Ron had seen in a long time.  His thick black hair was shaped and cut just perfectly for his size and face.  His eyes were soft, thought definitely dark brown, with long lashes.  Ron looked into the man’s eyes and he felt as if he were falling into a bottomless pit.  His eyes were soft and deep, but they did have a certain twinkle to them, which added just the right amount of devilishness.  The man’s lips were full and perfectly shaped, with the slightest upturn at the corners of his mouth.  His nose was just right for his face, a face that boasted beautiful high cheekbones and a square chin.  Ron’s mystery man was perfect. 


This erotic story is available at Amazon US (click on picture) and Amazon UK.

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