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Best Laid, by Shannon Pearce

Best Laid

An Erotic Romance

When Tom is in need of a vacation, his friend offers him the use of his parents’ cottage on the beach.  Tom loves being alone on the beach, but as the days go on he wishes for a lover to spend the nights with.  No one is around, so Tom decides to lie naked in the warm sand and play naked in the warm water.  It is during this vacation that Tom notices someone enjoying the sand and water just as he is, naked.

Tom knew that the throbbing in his loins would get the better of him if he wasn’t careful, so he jumped up and raced to the water, his **** swinging in front of him, and he dove into the crystal clear ocean.  The freshness of the cool water woke Tom up, and sort of eased his urges for awhile, although he still imagined his tall handsome lover playing with him in the sea foam.  Tom splashed in the water for awhile and then wandered back up the beach to throw himself down on the towel and put his head down, letting the sun dry and warm him again. 

Tom must have fallen asleep, because he awoke with a sudden start, like waking up unexpectedly.  He lifted his head, and gasped.  Sitting next to Tom on the sand was a man. 

Very Adult Content story.  Erotic Romance story by Shannon Pearce.  Available at Amazon US (click on picture) and Amazon UK.

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