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Cross Country Flight, by B.J. Scott

Cross Country Flight

An erotic story

John has never had a good time flying. This is going to be a long trip though, and he has no choice. Within a few minutes of being seated, John decides that this trip may be a lot different from any other. He is intrigued by the sexy stranger that comes aboard. Seated close by, John tries to get the man’s attention. When he finally does, John’s plane trip takes a much different and much more erotic course than he had expected.

The man’s eyes caught John’s stare a third time, and John knew that something was bound to happen.  Maybe this is one flight that won’t be so bad, he thought. John watched as the man leaned down to retrieve something from the magazine slot.  He pulled a magazine from the slot, pulled out a pen from his briefcase and was writing something on it. John leaned forward in his seat to try to see what the man was writing.  The man tore the small piece of paper from the magazine and stuck the scrap of paper between the seats. The man glanced quickly at John and nodded. John took the piece of paper from the man, and rapidly read it.  John was in a row by himself with the seat on either side of him empty, so no one had seen their brief interchange.  The man had written, “Do I know you from somewhere?” John thought for a minute, and then quickly wrote back. “I wish,” he wrote on the paper, and pushed it back between the seats.
Blake stood up again and he stood so that John’s eyes and face were barely six inches from his crotch. He felt his way in the overhead for a blanket.  John could see the length of him through his jeans.  He had a clear cut —— , running off towards his waistband.  John moved one of his legs until it rubbed against Blake’s.  Blake stood for awhile even after John knew that he had located the blanket. John thought that was for his benefit, so that he could get a good look at what the man was really packing.   John took full advantage and stared at the man’s —— so well defined through his faded jeans.
“Damn, you’re good,” Blake said, and he rolled his head back, thrusting his hips forward.   “While we’re at it, how about you letting me —- you?” Blake asked, bluntly.  “Not one for subtleties, are you?” John teased.  “Nope.  So how ’bout a good hard —- ?”  That was exactly what John wanted most, and he nodded quickly, yes.

—— Adult Content Material.  Adult Content Story.  Available at Amazon.  Click on picture above.

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