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Leather World, an erotic story, by B.J. Scott

Leather World

An erotic, adult content story

The young man does not look at anyone when he enters the bar, but he is immediately noticed.  Thad waits and watches the young man before making his move.  When Thad decides it is time, he takes the young man back to his place and introduces him to his world, Thad’s world, the world of leather sex.  Thad knows this world is new to the young man.  Thad knows a first-timer when he sees one.

The young man walked uneasily about the bar, almost staring at the men who were all dressed in leather pants, in their chaps and harnesses.  The young man’s eyes were wide, and Thad could almost sense the throbbing in the young man’s groin at the exciting new world that he was discovering for the very first time.  Thad, seated at the bar, swiveled his chair around so that he would not miss even one second of the young man’s discoveries.  Adding to the young man’s innocence, he found a table in the back, in a corner, not knowing that this would lead him even deeper into the world of the unknown to him.  He ordered a drink, looking down into the glass.  He thought that no one had noticed him, when, in fact, all eyes had quickly been upon him.  Thad wanted to go and meet the young man, but that could wait.  There was time for that.  Let the young man drink a few, and then introduce him to your world, Thad told himself.  Very soon Thad would introduce this sweet young man to his world, the world of leather. 
The young man, still seated in the corner, did not notice Thad until his bulge was in plain sight as he stood next to the young man.  Thad stood beside the man, towering over him.  Thad looked down into the young man’s eyes and placed his hands firmly on his own groin, pulling himself forward so that now his full bulge was directly in the young man’s face.  “You like the look of this, young man?” Thad whispered to him.

“Uh, y, yes, sir, I do!” he answered, too politely, but hesitantly, having trouble getting the words to come out.  

This erotic short story is available at Amazon US and UK, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks.  For the Amazon US store, click on the picture above.

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