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King of Hearts

King of Hearts

An Erotic Romance

When Marc notices the silhouette of a man who he is certain is the man he had loved many years ago, old feelings come flooding back instantly.  When he discovers that this man is, indeed, the man from his past, but who now is holding a baby in his arms, Marc has no idea what to say to him.  This man is the only man who Marc has ever loved, but with a baby in his arms this man from Marc’s past has obviously moved on.  When the two of them begin reminiscing about old times, Marc quickly learns that this man who he loved so many years ago may hold more than his heart.  This man may hold the many secrets and questions surrounding Marc’s past.

“The city has grown a lot, and spread out,” Marc commented, as they drove through the city, and to Todd’s house just outside of the city.  Todd nodded in agreement with Marc’s comment.  There was silence in Todd’s car until they reached his house.  “Not bad, Todd.  Not bad at all,” Marc exclaimed, when he walked into Todd’s house.  “I like it,” Todd said, and showed Marc around his house.  Marc wasn’t at all surprised to have walked into a very well kept house.  He picked up a figurine of some sort, and then set it back down.  “You always did have great taste, Todd, or is that still, Hot Toddy?”  Todd laughed.  “Shit.  I haven’t been called Hot Toddy since you, Marc.”  Marc looked around.  “You have a pool, and a lake lot?”  “Sure do.  You can save a lot of money when you live alone,” Todd said, as he handed his friend a drink.  “Thanks.”  Marc looked at Todd.  Was that bitterness that he heard in his old friend’s voice, or maybe sarcasm?  “Damn, Todd, what is this stuff?”  “It’s a wine drink.  It is the newest thing in France.”  “You have been to France, Todd?”  “Once, but a friend sent me a supply,” Todd admitted.  “A friend, huh?”  “That’s right.”  Marc looked out at the lake as he drank the sweet drink. 

Marc had almost finished his drink when he felt Todd’s hand on his shoulder.  “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”  Marc turned his head slightly.  “Yeah.  Guess I never expected this much beauty here in Lincoln.”  Todd wrapped his arm around his friend’s chest.  “Did you expect to see me again?”  Marc ran his hand along his friend’s arm.  “No, I did not expect this,” he admitted, being somewhat evasive in his response.  Marc stood and waited, not knowing what he was waiting for.  Marc soon felt his friend’s other arm around his waist.  Todd lightly brushed his lips against the back of Marc’s neck.  Marc held onto Todd’s arm, the memories of their shared past flooding his mind.  Todd brushed his lips along the side of Marc’s neck, coming closer and closer to Marc’s lips, the lips that Marc could never resist.  Todd gently pulled Marc’s earlobe into his mouth and held it between his lips.  Then he placed his mouth over Marc’s ear and whispered, “Better get you home now.”
Todd turned around and looked at Marc.  Todd’s eyes were full, as were his lover’s.  “Marc,” he said, and gently held his face.  He kissed Marc’s lips, touching his face.  After one kiss, he stopped.  Marc’s eyes remained closed, his lips parted, his heated breath pulsing against Todd’s lips.  Marc slowly opened his eyes, wondering why his lover had stopped kissing him.  “Take me, Todd.  Take me like you did so many years ago.”  Todd’s hand was on Marc’s zippered jeans, and he slowly slid the zipper downward along its track.   “Take this off,” Todd ordered, tugging at Marc’s shirt.  Marc almost tore his shirt off of his body. 

With nothing between his naked body and the clear view of the lake with the exception of Todd’s body, Marc was completely exposed to anyone who might be walking by the lake.  Todd looked at Marc.  In his eyes was the look that had been there ten years ago.

An erotic romance story available at Beau to Beau Books as 6 files zipped (hover over and click on picture).  Also available at Amazon US and UK Kindle Stores, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, Trapezium ebooks.

Epub conversion for Apple iBookstore available at Beau to Beau Books, e-mail us at

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