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Bear Hugs

Bear Hugs

A sweet romantic love story of two men

When Eric spends a day in the park in search of just the right setting for his painting with a romantic flair, he meets a man who is both passionate and charming, and who very quickly wins Eric’s heart.  Eric soon realizes that he has never known a love like the love he feels for this man.  When this man confesses a desire that he has carried with him for almost half a century, Eric wonders if his own desire for true love may not be the same love that this new man in his life seems to desire.  A trip to the homeland of this man of Eric’s desire reveals much more than Eric had expected.  Eric now wonders if he may have gotten himself into something he may one day regret.   

Eric had painted for almost three hours, concentrating on the two white swans and the romantic ripple of water behind them, completely oblivious to all other activity in the park, when he suddenly realized that he was being watched.  He wouldn’t have noticed, except that the sun had moved and the intruder’s shadow was now blocking his light.  Eric turned around.  “You’re quite the artist,” the man said.  “Oh, thanks,” Eric said.  “I don’t mean to stare, but for the last hour you have had me completely mesmerized.”  Eric was flattered, and could feel the heat in his cheeks begin to rise.  “You have captured the detail of the swans and their movements exquisitely.”  Eric shrugged.  “Oh, it’s just a hobby.  Well, I guess it’s really more of a passion of mine,” Eric added.  He leaned down to pick up the brush that had fallen and when he looked up again, the man had taken a seat next to Eric on the bench.  “I hope you don’t mind if I watch for awhile.”  Eric looked at the man.  “No, I don’t mind,” he said, a little uneasily.  
Aiden locked his store, and offered to take his car.  He drove Eric to a very intimate little place that Eric had never been.  “This is nice, Aiden.”  “Thank you, kind sir,” Aiden said, and opened the door to the restaurant.  He had made reservations, and the two of them were given the V.I.P treatment.  Eric was impressed with the restaurant, and was even more impressed with Aiden.  Aiden was the perfect gentleman.  Eric had never been treated this well.  “Well, Eric, would you care to share a bottle of wine while we watch the sunset over the Pacific?”  Eric nodded, unaccustomed to such formality.  Aiden’s British origin combined with his extensive studies in literature had formed the perfect gentleman’s manner of speaking.  Eric felt as if he had stepped back in time to a time of old English aristocracy.  Aiden drove them to the beach.  It was breezy and a bit chilly so close to the water, so they sat in Aiden’s car drinking their wine and looking out at the ocean.  Eric didn’t say much.  He didn’t think he had anything to add to this perfect evening.  He quietly sipped his wine.  Before he knew it, his glass was empty.  He looked over at Aiden.  It was almost completely dark now, and Eric thought Aiden looked very distinguished and dignified in the moonlight. 

Aiden took Eric’s empty glass and set it with his own on the top of the dashboard.  He put his arm on the back of the seat and turned toward Eric.  “Well, Eric, before we head back, I want to thank you for a lovely evening,” he said.  Eric felt like a schoolboy.  He wanted Aiden to kiss him out here in the moonlight.  “I should be thanking you, Aiden.  You did all this for me.”  Eric looked down.  Aiden moved closer to him and put one hand on Eric’s knee.  He put his arm around Eric.  “Eric, may I?”  Eric looked up and Aiden’s very distinguished looking face was right in front of him.  The look in his eyes, the wine glistening on his lips, and the heat of his breath were making Eric dizzy with lust.  Eric leaned his head on the back of the seat, closed his eyes, parted his lips, and waited.  Aiden moved closer to Eric until his pelvis was pressed against him, held him tighter with one arm over his shoulder and the other arm holding his body close to him.  Then Aiden looked at Eric’s closed eyes and parted lips.  He lightly touched his lips to Eric’s lips, and then pulled away, just slightly.  Eric leaned forward slightly, asking for more.  Aiden touched his lips to Eric’s lips again, this time pressing them firmly to Eric’s.  Eric slowly raised his arms and placed them around Aiden’s thick chest and broad shoulders, sliding them downward along his back.  Aiden put his arms around Eric, pulling him forward, holding him in a big bear hug embrace.  Eric opened his mouth to Aiden’s kiss.  Aiden lightly ran his tongue along Eric’s lips and then kissed his lips again, lovingly, slowly, yet fully and passionately.  Aiden felt the warmth of Eric’s embrace and held him longer than he had planned this first night together.  Aiden didn’t want to stop, but he didn’t want Eric to think he was taking advantage, either.  He liked Eric a lot, and he would have loved to make passionate love to him tonight, but he would wait until the time was right and the two of them could wake up in each other’s arms.
Aiden was not just kissing Eric.  Aiden was making love to Eric, slowly, passionately.  Aiden took his time enjoying the taste and feel of Eric’s lips.  This kind of love was new to Eric.  His other lovers had never kissed him for this long.  Lovemaking had been very rushed, until now, until Aiden.  Aiden slowly moved his lips from Eric’s, and Eric gasped for air as Aiden kissed his chin.  Eric tilted his head back so that Aiden’s lips could continue their downward trail.  Aiden held Eric with one arm around his waist and the other arm resting on his hip.  Eric knew that Aiden could feel his erection with his arm resting across his pelvis, but he didn’t care.  Aiden had aroused erotic feelings in Eric tonight that hadn’t been aroused in a very long time, and Eric wanted Aiden to touch him, to kiss every inch of his naked body, and Eric wanted to feel Aiden’s sensual lips around his cock.  Eric’s body ached as he thought of Aiden and him naked together in his bed. 

Aiden kissed along Eric’s neck and when he reached the top button of Eric’s shirt, Eric let his arms slowly slide down from Aiden’s back.  He thrust his chest forward for Aiden.  He wanted to feel Aiden’s lips on his nipples that were pressing their hardness against his shirt.  Aiden unbuttoned Eric’s shirt with his mouth, and then separated the two sides by sliding his tongue along Eric’s chest.  Eric heard himself moan, but kept his eyes closed.  Aiden unbuttoned every button on Eric’s shirt down to his belly button which he swirled his tongue around and in.  He opened Eric’s shirt, and his hand on Eric’s naked flesh caused Eric’s body to jerk.  Eric sighed.  Aiden slid his tongue upward in a straight line on Eric’s chest until he had reached the level of his nipples.  
One Wednesday, Eric called to say that he would be working late but didn’t give a reason.  Aiden’s insecurity was growing as he put the children to bed and still Eric had not come home.  Aiden poured himself a glass of wine and drank it in the dark, alone.  It was after ten when Aiden heard Eric’s key in the lock.  He was surprised at the darkness in the room.  Eric put his things down and walked toward the kitchen.  He hadn’t seen Aiden sitting alone in the dark. 

Aiden followed Eric into the kitchen.  He flipped the light on, and Eric froze in his tracks.  “It is late, Eric.”  Eric turned and looked at Aiden.  Aiden hadn’t realized just how much Eric had changed.  He had always been a slender man, but he now looked too thin, and he looked old to Aiden.  Have I done this? he wondered.  “I know it’s late, Aiden.  We’ve been working on a big project, and two men quit a week ago.  I’m the only one they’ve got who can do what needs to be done now.”  Aiden moved closer to Eric, and Eric steadied himself by leaning against the counter.  “You are tired,” Aiden said.  “Yes,” Eric agreed.  Eric didn’t have the energy to argue, if that was what Aiden was planning.  “Come here, Eric.”  Eric followed Aiden into the dining room, wondering what he was so upset about.  “Remember these?”  Eric looked at the paintings that were gathering dust.  “Yeah, I’ll put them away this weekend.  We need to get a nice table in here, anyway.”  Aiden stood directly in front of Eric and put his big hands around Eric’s slender upper arms, and to Eric, Aiden’s huge body was rather intimidating after such an exhausting day.  “No, Eric, you will not put them away.  What you will do, however, is paint.  What happened to that passionate artist I met in the park and fell in love with?”  “I have a job, Aiden.”  Aiden still needed to know how Eric felt about him and how he now felt about having a family.  Had it all changed? 

A love story by B.K. Wright, available at (simply hover over the picture above and click).  Also available at Amazon, Rainbow ebooks, Bookstrand, Trapezium ebooks, each of which can be accessed via direct links from the “Bear Hugs” page at the Beau to Beau website, http://www.beautobeau.comEbook is 18,000 words, with a low price of $2.99 USD.  Ebook also available at All Romance ebooks.  Available soon  in the Apple iBookstore.

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