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Colors of Sexy

Colors of Sexy

An erotic short story by Shannon Pearce

Colors of Sexy
A Beau to Beau Romance short story
Sensual and Sexual, with Passion, Pleasure, and Longing
~Shannon Pearce~

Every man wants Tommy, or so Tommy thinks.  He is gorgeous, with a kickass body and a beautiful face.  Tommy is also somewhat of a hustler, and doesn’t really want to work for a living.  So far, living off of his good looks has worked for him.  Tommy usually gets what he wants.  When he meets Pankai, an exchange student from India, Tommy wants him immediately.  This time, however, Tommy may get something that he is not expecting.

Pankai couldn’t wait for tonight’s party.  He had been in America for a little over a year now.  His roommate had invited a friend for him to meet tonight, and Pankai wanted to look his best for the American gay man.  “Welcome to my home,” Pankai said, as the American named Tommy walked through the door.  “Where’s Kel?” Tommy asked.  “Preparing for our party.  Why do you ask?”  “Oh, no reason,” Tommy remarked.  “It’s very nice to meet you, Tommy,” Pankai said, nervously.  He wished his roommate would hurry and join them.  Tommy looked at Pankai.  He was very nice looking and dark skinned.  Tommy then took a second look, which he rarely did.  Pankai was better than nice looking.  Pankai was gorgeous.  This man, Pankai, may be as good looking as I am, Tommy thought, but didn’t dare let Pankai know what he was thinking.  Pankai was very courteous to Tommy, and offered to take his coat.   

Kel walked into the room then and introduced Tommy to Pankai, even though they had already met.  “Hi, Pankai,” Tommy said again, somewhat sarcastically.  “What would you like to drink, Tommy?” Kel asked.  Tommy gave his drink order, but couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of the gorgeous foreigner. 

Tommy ignored Kel.  Kel wasn’t important to Tommy.  Tommy’s eyes were focused on Pankai and his gorgeousness.  “So, you’re from India,” Tommy said.  “Yes, that is correct,” Pankai said, very politely.  Kel immediately noticed the attraction in Tommy’s eyes, but wasn’t expecting it to be nearly as strong as it appeared to be.  He wouldn’t have set them up if he thought Tommy might use Pankai as just another one of his boy toys.  “Here you go,” Pankai said, handing Tommy his drink.  “Thanks,” Tommy said, and actually smiled at the lovely dark skinned man.  Kel continued to watch Tommy.  He was well aware that Tommy’s charm and beauty were only skin deep.  He also knew that Tommy had never been serious about a guy in his life.  He was always looking for nothing more than a one night stand, or even a one hour stand. 


Tommy slowly walked into Pankai’s bedroom, the bedroom that Pankai shared with Kel, and then turned around.  Pankai smiled his biggest and brightest smile, and then locked the door behind the two of them.  “You want to take off your shirt, Tommy?  Kel keeps it quite warm in our bedroom.  I think I will remove mine.”  Tommy watched as Pankai removed his shirt, his dark nipples looking very enticing to Tommy even in the darkened room.  He wanted Pankai, and Tommy felt his cock give a little twitch.  Pankai was definitely not shy, and Tommy had had more to drink than he remembered.  Pankai walked over to Tommy and started to pull his shirt off.  “Don’t be shy, Tommy.  You are too sexy to be shy.”  Tommy couldn’t resist Pankai’s accent, and the seduction was too good to resist. 

Available in the Amazon Kindle Store and the Beau to Beau website,
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