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Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait

Erotic Romance short stories

Four Beau to Beau Romance Short Stories of Finding the One and Only
Sensual and Sexual, with Passion, Pleasure, and Longing

Beau to Beau Books of Male Love

Stories included in:   
Worth the Wait
Story 1:           Worth Waiting For
Story 2:           Just You and I
Story 3:           Married Until Monday
Story 4:           Beautiful You

Worth Waiting For
His business consulting firm has just made Drake a partner when his ex-wife informs him that their two little girls will be living with him until she returns from her two month long singles cruise.  Drake is scheduled to work with a very important client this weekend and has no idea what to do, until he thinks of Ben.  Ben has been at the firm working with Drake for two years now, and loves Drake’s little girls.  Ben had begged Drake many times to let him take his little girls to the playground or some other fun place, to give Drake a little time to himself.  Ben is more than happy to watch Drake’s two little girls, and moves in for the weekend.  There is only one possible problem that Drake can foresee with this arrangement.  He has had feelings for Ben for two years now, from the moment Ben joined the firm.  Drake knows that Ben is gay, but what Drake does not know is that Ben has fallen in love with him over the past two years while at the firm.  Drake is certain that he can ignore his feelings for Ben for three days.  He will be much too busy with his client this weekend to even notice the sweet young god of a man he met two years ago, and who he has fantasized about for the past two years.    

Just You and I
Another birthday together, their thirty-second, is bitter-sweet for Justin.  This year marks yet another year gone by without Kyle knowing how much he has wanted him over the years, and how much he loves him.  They spend so much time together that their friendship is much stronger than most married couples they know, the heterosexual married couples, that is.  The two men have shared so much already, political careers, heated debates over the social climate of their time, that perhaps the way things are is enough for Kyle.  But it is not enough for Justin.  This year is the year, Justin decides, to discover the truth, whatever it may be.

Married until Monday
Trips to the cabin were the best of times for Thom and Julius.  They went as often as they could, when time away from their stressful careers would allow.  Thom had loved Julius since college.  Julius was the most accepting person Thom had ever known.  He never once heard him pass judgment on anyone.  Thom had never told Julius that he was gay, but thought that he had to have known.  Thom had many gay friends, and a few lovers. 

It isn’t until the two of them are well entrenched in their careers that Julius begins to have relationship problems.  When his girlfriend leaves him, he turns to Thom, just as he has always done following his many breakups.  Thom’s suggestion that they get away to their favorite cabin for the weekend is more than welcomed by Julius, but Thom is surprised by his friend’s latest revelation.

Beautiful You
Joined by fate, Jay and Eli have been together for five years now, enjoying a love that is as natural as nature itself.  Jay has planned a very special weekend for his one and only lover far removed from the familiar.  Their unity strengthens as their love for each other is renewed, and they are catapulted to a passion which is both physical and nonphysical, a passion which joins them on an ethereal plane.

This ebook is available at; Bookstrand; Rainbow ebooks; Borders; FirstyFish.

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