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Fine Things, a Piercing Desire

Fine Things, a Piercing Desire

A romance novel

The sudden disappearance of a prominent member of New York society mystified the city and angered the father who was one of two reasons Pierce had left unexpectedly.  The other reason Pierce had left was to escape a wife whose thirst for the material could never be quenched, a woman who was having an affair with his father.  Wondering how he had become part of such a mixed up world, and more importantly, wondering if he could ever find his way back to himself and to the man he had once loved, Pierce builds a new life for himself on the other side of the country.  While he is gone, Pierce not only discovers that his wife has become pregnant by his own father, but also discovers an unexpected love.  Pierce is now uncertain if the man from his past truly is the man he once loved, or if the unexpected was meant to be.

Available as ebook at; Amazon; Bookstrand; FirstyFish; Borders; Rainbow ebooks.  Coming soon in paperback.

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