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Anything For Him

Anything For Him

Erotic Romance short stories

Five Beau to Beau Romance Short Stories of Discovering Each Other
Sensual and Sexual, with Passion, Pleasure, and Longing

Beau to Beau Books of Male Love


Stories included in:    Anything for Him
Story 1:           For a Friend
Story 2:           Afternoon Delight
Story 3:           Only the Beginning
Story 4:           Stay With Me
Story 5:           Then and Now

For a Friend
Drinking buddies, David and Carlos always have a lot of fun together.  They work together, laugh together, and just seem to “click.”  Whenever Carlos can escape the impossible demands of his wife, the two of them spend entire weekends together.  Over the years, they have become much more than drinking buddies.  They have become true friends.  There is absolutely nothing they will not do for the other. 

Carlos lacks intimacy in his marriage, but finds it in his friendship with David.  He begins to feel more than just friendship toward David, but has no idea what to do with those feelings.  If he confides in David his true feelings, he could lose the friendship they now have.  His desire for intimacy and the loneliness he feels at home may force Carlos to face his fears if he is to ever have the true happiness which he desires so desperately. 

Afternoon Delight
Since September, Mitch and Victor have been working closely together and with the increased stress at work, they have started working out three times a week.  On Fridays, they relax in Victor’s hot tub after their workouts.  When Mitch confesses to Victor a secret desire that he has had since they met, Victor is more than willing to satisfy his desire.  Mitch soon realizes that his desire is much greater than he had once thought and now wonders just how much more of his desire Victor is willing to satisfy.

Only the Beginning
Tyler’s exercise routine has become a substitute for sex, always ending in a swim and relaxing by the side of the pool after work.  In the midst of a crumbling relationship at home, Tyler pays little attention to the man who conveniently comes for a swim at exactly the same time as he, and who cannot take his eyes off of Tyler.  Hoping that Tyler will take the hint and join him for a rendezvous in the pool, this mysterious man realizes that making the first move is up to him.

Stay With Me
New to the suburbs, Cameron is thrilled to finally have his own home, complete with an inground pool and large backyard.  The home needs some work, however, and Cameron lacks the “handyman gene.”  The neighbors seem friendly enough, but Cameron isn’t ready to share too much about himself.  When a nice young man stops by to offer his assistance in repairing Cameron’s pool, Cameron can’t resist his kind offer.  Joel has a nice body, well toned from time spent in his own pool, and the two of them seem to get along very well, maybe too well.  It’s been a long time since Cameron has been in a relationship, and doesn’t know how much longer he can keep to himself, that is, with Joel around. 

Then and Now
Mike had tried to tell David years ago that he was more than attracted to him, but was not willing to chance losing their friendship.  Through the years, however, David looks back on their many shared experiences and begins to wonder about his friend, Mike, and thinks that perhaps he had been trying to tell him something about himself back then.  An offer to share a room at a weekend conference gives Mike the opportunity to hopefully be with the man he has always wanted, and gives David the opportunity to find out if his thoughts about his friend’s sexuality are true. 

 Ebook available at; Bookstrand; Rainbow ebooks; FirstyFish; Borders.

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