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A Familiar Place

A Familiar Place

Erotic romance short stories

Five Beau to Beau Romance Short Stories of Love in Familiar Places
Sensual and Sexual, with Passion, Pleasure, and Longing

Beau to Beau Books of Male Love

Stories included in:    A Familiar Place
Story 1:           My Son’s Best Friend
Story 2:           Brothers-in-Law
Story 3:           Father Figure
Story 4:           Like a Father
Story 5:           My Married Lover

My Son’s Best Friend
Kyle and Cooper have been friends forever but unlike Kyle, Cooper is attracted to men, not women.  Leery of anonymous sex, Cooper wants his first time with a man to be special, with someone he trusts, and with someone who knows how to please a man.  Arriving unexpectedly at the home of Spencer Davis, Kyle’s father, Cooper has carefully devised a plan to satisfy his desire for sex with a man.  Mr. Davis had told Cooper that he was always welcome in his home, but did this welcome include sharing his bed?  Cooper may have to modify his seductive plan somewhat if he is to convince his best friend’s father to go as far as he hopes he will.  

Chance had made them brothers-in-law, and time together had made them friends and confidantes, with a palpable sexual tension between them which was always carefully cloaked in friendly banter.  Since Andy’s divorce from the sister of Kevin’s wife, the two brothers-in-law have not seen each other nearly as much as they once had, and both missed this time together.  With Kevin’s wife out of town for the weekend, the two brothers-in-law will now have a chance to catch up. 

Father Figure
Lucas got his way, just like he always did.  Luke was Janice’s baby brother, and being married to Janice, Jerry just had to accept the fact that Luke was part of a package deal.  Jerry didn’t know that the kid thought of him as a big brother, or father figure, and wasn’t thrilled to be either.  He wouldn’t have minded being either, except for one slight problem.  Jerry was turned on by the kid.  Jerry’s wife had known of Jerry’s bisexuality, but Jerry hadn’t been with a man since they had married.  When Jerry and Lucas are alone on Saturdays while Janice is working, Luke tells Jerry quite a bit more about himself than Jerry wants to know.

Like a Father
Todd’s sister had married a loser, and was now divorced from a loser.  She and her stepson, always welcome in Todd’s enormous house, were now living with him.  Todd was like a father to Kyle, the young man he had nicknamed Scout, and Kyle loved the man he had come to know as Uncle Todd.  Having no idea that this young man, who would be in college soon, had feelings for his soon-to-be male roommate, Todd is surprised when Kyle shares with him his concerns about his own sexuality.  Kyle knows that Todd his gay.  Todd has never kept that a secret from anyone.  When Kyle comes to Todd one afternoon while he is sunbathing in the nude by his pool, the only thing he can do is what he has always done, and be like a father to this young man.  Neither Kyle nor Todd is certain, however, of the unspoken boundaries of their close relationship.  

My Married Lover
Each longing for the love that for years they had kept hidden somewhere deep inside them, Davin and Marcus find themselves together for a week without the intrusions of their own lives or the expectations of others.  They find themselves alone with only their feelings for each other.

This ebook is available at; Bookstrand; Rainbow ebooks; FirstyFish; Borders.

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