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A Chance Taken

A Chance Taken, the anthology

A collection of erotic romance short stories

Seven Beau to Beau Romance Short Stories of Taking a Chance on Love
Sensual and Sexual, with Passion, Pleasure, and Longing

Beau to Beau Books of Male Love


Stories included in:    A Chance Taken
Story 1:           Take a Chance on Us
Story 2:           An Italian Affair
Story 3:           Alone With Jay
Story 4:           And Now Us
Story 5:           Craving Julian
Story 6:           I Choose Us
Story 7:           In The Wings

Take a Chance on Us
Friends for years, Greg and Mike have laughed together, cried together, and learned together.  Although Greg has now reached the pinnacle of his career, failed personal relationships have left him feeling empty and alone.  The one person who knows him best understands Greg’s emptiness and knows exactly who can replace this emptiness with love and passion, and leads Greg to a life and love he would have never thought possible.

An Italian Affair
Business was good at the firm where Ken worked.  It was so good, in fact, that the company had opened a branch in Italy, and Ken had been assigned the job of mentoring the new manager of the Italian interests.  Roberto was a good fit for the company, and Ken soon began to look forward to his weeklong trips to Italy.  He and Roberto had a good time together, both escaping their somewhat dull lives of nothing but the same every day.  When in Italy, Ken felt very exotic and wanted to do exotic things.  One night during one of Ken’s weeklong business trips, Roberto confides in Ken that he misses the excitement of group sex that he had often been a very willing part of years ago.  Ken listens intently to every arousing detail of Roberto’s past escapades, and admits that what Roberto is telling him is making him more than just a little horny.

Alone With Jay
Kevin meets Jay by chance or perhaps by fate, one night when Jay comes back to his apartment after being out with a friend.  Jay is older than Kevin and much more experienced.  Kevin has wanted to be in Jay’s bed since he had first seen him out jogging.  His hairy chest and well toned physique glistening with sweat was almost too much to bear, and his manly scent was intoxicating.  Kevin has not experienced lovemaking the way he knows he would with Jay, given the opportunity.  Kevin will do anything for a chance to be in Jay’s bed.  He only hopes that his fantasy becomes reality, and soon.

And Now Us
Time spent with Mike had become Drew’s salvation from a life which he had been blackmailed into accepting.  Their yearly trip to Mike’s parents’ estate was looked forward to by Drew more each year.  This year, Mike’s parents had sold their beloved estate and this would be the last of Mike’s and Drew’s yearly trips together.  Drew knew that if he were going to finally confide in his best friend the truth about his marriage and his true feelings, it was now or never.

Craving Julian
Julian and Rick have been together for awhile now and are happy, but Rick is gone much of the time on business trips to exotic and romantic locations.  Julian trusts Rick, but Julian is not to be trusted.  Julian loves sex, and cannot wait for Rick to return when his sexual cravings must be satisfied.  His weakness is younger men and one such younger man is Rick’s stepbrother, Chas.  Rick and Chas are not related by blood, though Rick thinks of him as family nonetheless.  He has no idea that Julian has wanted the smug sharp-tongued Chas for awhile now, and would be shocked if he knew.  With Chas living with Julian while Rick is out of the country for two weeks, Julian may not be able to control his sexual cravings when the one man who can satisfy those cravings is staying in the guest bedroom.  

I Choose Us
Jason was surprised to hear that Daniel’s life was less than ideal.  He had always seemed happy when they were together.  Inviting Daniel to his cabin for a weekend, Jason learns of Daniel’s troubled life and also learns much more about himself.  They were more than friends now, though exactly what they were to each other neither was sure. 

In The Wings
In the four years that they had been apart, Dan’s and Gannon’s friendship had not waned.  Reunited by either chance or fate, it seemed as though the more things changed, the more they had remained the same.  The yearly medical convention quickly proves them wrong, however.  Things had changed, and they had changed a lot.  Wishing that he could turn back time but knowing that he cannot, Gannon is faced with a decision he was not prepared to make. 

Available at; Bookstrand; Rainbow ebooks; FirstyFish; Borders.

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