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Pretty Boy Hunting

Erotic Romance/Suspense

Erotic Romance/Suspense

When the feared locomotive arrives in the small town, Jet waits at the rundown station to discover the truth about the old iron horse that has long been feared by the townspeople. Coming face to face with a mysterious man dressed all in black, he has a barrage of questions for the lone rider. The quick tempered man is somewhat amused by Jet’s juvenile inquiries but the inquisition does not deter him from his secret mission. Jet’s name is not on the list, but the man in black decides that he will be an amusing distraction. With a little coercion, a friendly dare, and the offer of a train ride to a place he will never forget, the sexy man lures Jet inside.

“So, it’s true. There really is a mystery man aboard this old thing. What’s your name…Jesse James?”

The taunting tone in the young man’s voice caused a familiar stir in the rider’s gut. “No, sir,” he answered. The manner in which the young man stepped back when the rider extended his hand caused a smirk to form on the rider’s lips. He was a fine young man with dark hair and dark eyes. He was fairly tall and well proportioned…not too skinny. The lone rider liked that in a man. He took his time studying the daring young man. He was young enough not to have known many of the pleasures that a man could give him, but he was too bold and cocky for his own good. This was one horse that would need to be broken.

A teasing smile was formed by the thick lips of the young man as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other. He stood facing the train’s traveler with his hands on his hips and announced proudly, “The name is Jackson, but my friends call me Jet.”

The pride evident in his proclamation made the dark mysterious man laugh, a deep throaty laugh that was clearly meant to be mocking in its tone. “Well, Jet, why are you here?”

“Curious, I guess. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about?”


“Yes, fuss. You should see this little town when this old piece of tin whines and moans its way along the tracks.” He kicked his foot out in a pretend kick to the old train to make his point. “Everyone is so scared of it. They stop in their tracks as if they were struck by lightning. It’s insane.”

The mysterious man rubbed his chin. “Is it?”

The darkly dressed man challenged the younger man. “Well, how about a ride on this old, what did you call it, piece of tin?”

Jet looked down at his feet, rolling the toe of his boot on the cement floor of the station. He couldn’t chicken out now, and the man was mysteriously sexy. He looked up and the dark eyes seemed almost black now as they peered into his own. “Sure, I’ll go.”

It was dark inside the old locomotive. The windows were blackened and Jet could not see a thing. “Make yourself at home. It’s going to be a long ride.”


Photographs of handsome men and beautiful women dressed in formal attire were mounted on the walls along with photographs of Dakta. The photos of Dakta were breathtaking and they captured the man perfectly in everything from formal dress to completely nude. Some of them showed a great deal of discretion, but others detailed everything. Arousal showed in every part of him. The dark brooding eyes were mesmerizing, but it was the body that was a work of art. Dakta’s chest was broad and thick, tapering down to a well toned torso, nearly perfect, as if sculpted. The long legs made Jet’s mouth water as he thought of them intertwined with his own. He returned to the eyes, the intensity so great they appeared to be seeing into him from the photograph.

“Do you own this place?”

“No. This ‘place’ belongs to Miles.”

“Pretty Boy Hunting”, erotic romance by B.J. Scott, is available in the Apple iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Sony Reader Store, Google Play, All Romance ebooks, and Kobo ebooks. Our website is

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Somerville Mysteries – The Missing

Young Adult Mystery

Young Adult Mystery

When Jerry wants to write for the school newspaper, the editor decides to give him a chance to prove himself by writing something new and exciting to impress her. Jerry can think of nothing until a friend suggests checking out the missing person story that was recently in the news. Jerry searches through a stack of old newspapers and on the front page of one is a picture of a beautiful blonde haired blue eyed woman who went missing two months ago. She was young and recently married to a wealthy man, and so far the police have been unable to solve the mystery of her whereabouts. The rumors are rampant. Some say her husband murdered her, some say she died at the hands of an ex-boyfriend, and yet others claim that she ran away. One thing is certain – if Jerry can solve this mystery, the editor of the school newspaper will be more than impressed. In their perilous quest to solve the mystery, however, Jerry and his friends discover that some of the citizens of Somerville have gone to great lengths to ensure that this particular mystery is never solved.

Kate turned her car to the left and we found ourselves on a narrow road. Tall trees grew on either side of the road, and with the darkness around us, the whole environment was giving an eerie feel.

“This road leads out of town,” said Kate. “Why would she be driving here?”

I was about to tell Kate to turn the car back when it happened. Courtney’s car came to an abrupt halt and started to reverse. Kate pressed the brakes and her car stopped. I watched as the small blue car kept reversing, coming towards us.

“She is going to ram into us!” yelled Kate, her eyes wide open.

The blue car turned and faced us, its headlights on.

“Kate, duck, NOW!” I yelled, bowing my head.


I heard Courtney’s car slow down and then I heard it drive past us with speed.

“Why did you do that?” asked Kate, getting back up on her seat.

I got up and sat properly in the seat. Courtney seemed to have gone away. “I didn’t want her to see our faces,” I answered, pushing my glasses up on my nose.

“Our faces?” asked Kate in disbelief. “You have taken this lost rich lady case way into that weird head of yours.”

“Somerville Mysteries – The Missing”, young adult mystery by Farid-ul-Haq, is available in the Apple iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, All Romance ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Sony, Google Play, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website is For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

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Master of Criminals – Under Siege

International Crime Thriller

International Crime Thriller

After the Master is shot, the shroud of mystery surrounding him thickens. There is one person who knows his true identity and he has vowed to protect the Master until his dying day. But the enemy of all enemies arrives in Canada to deal with the Master in his own way. Carefully kidnapping him, he places the Master in a wooden crate without food or water for several days as they journey to a destination unknown to the Master. When they reach their destination, the Master is greeted by someone he thought he would never have to face again, and welcomed to hell. No one knows if time will run out for the Master before he can be rescued and his true identity revealed.


Vladimir smiled with cruelty. The Master had tried to foil their plan many times. Since Julian’s arrest, Ryzdul became nearly obsessed with capturing the Master. They tried often to locate him or access his files, but the European Community kept his files in absolute secrecy. Thus, they didn’t know the Master’s real name. With Julian, Iain, and Vallen, Vladimir determined how to proceed and he became annoyed with his partners who only wished to grab their sex toys. As for Vladimir, his only goal was to capture the Master and bring him to Ryzdul. Derek would be an asset to help Vladimir obtain information from the Master. Thus, Vladimir decided to join Julian and wait for Derek’s return. Luck was on Vlad’s side, as Derek showed up sooner than they had expected. Vladimir ordered Derek to call the Master, otherwise Derek’s brother would be beaten. Derek dutifully obeyed, and after that Vlad strangled Derek slowly. Even though Derek didn’t beg for his life, Vlad knew he would when the actual pain began. Then Vlad would stop worrying about producing visible marks of torture and would only focus on causing pain at the place Ryzdul prepared for the Master. Lost in sweet thoughts, Vlad almost forgot where he was when the door opened and the Master finally appeared in front of him. For the first time, Vladimir smiled as he watched the surprise on the Master’s face when he recognized Vladimir. No one would expect that would come to Canada to get involved in a mission like this one.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you in person after all these years, Master,” Vladimir said, kneeling near Derek to push his gun threateningly against his head.

This is the second of three books in the Master of Criminals series.

“Master of Criminals – Under Siege,” a gripping international crime novel by A.J. Reyes, is available in the Apple iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, Google Play, All Romance ebooks, Sony, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print from Amazon.

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Master of Criminals

International Crime Thriller

International Crime Thriller

A group of hackers is attempting to defraud the Canadian banking system. Investigations conducted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the O’Unit (Ontario), are inconclusive since this particular type of fraud is unheard of. The Superintendent of the Department of Electronic Fraud, Derek Savill, receives an unexpected and well written e-mail signed by a certain Master of Criminals stating that he needs to speak with him regarding the course of his investigations. Derek does not take the e-mail seriously and continues to work with his team mate and best friend, Adam. That night, however, when Derek arrives home, an intruder is waiting for him. Derek is hit in the head, blindfolded, and cuffed to his own bed. The stranger informs him that on that same night he will kidnap one of Derek’s brothers. Oddly, the criminal assures Derek that his brother will be treated well as long as Derek meets his requirements regarding the course of his investigations. The Master of Criminals is elusive, intelligent, and not who he appears to be.

Master of Criminals is an action packed, gripping international crime story.

The signatory named himself Master of Criminals. Due to Derek’s profession and his excellent investigation results, however, he received hundreds of threats. Normally the threats were not as refined or well written as the one he received that morning, as they only stated that he would be killed. Sometimes the different manners of his supposed death were even described. The respectful tone of the threat ignited a tiny flame of curiosity in his mind.

“Derek, they attacked again.”

“Who was the target this time?” Derek asked blankly.

“A socialite. Her name is,” Adam consulted his notes and added, “Charlene Harrison.”

This one was famous, Derek realized, as he recognized her name from newspapers and magazine covers. The case was maddening since Adam never had trouble finding flaws in others’ procedures or arguments. This case defied their abilities in different ways, such as the apparent lack of failures, the poor connection between the victims, the inventive methods, and the new employee lent to their department by the technical area.

The gang, as it appeared to be the work of much more than one man, so far had attacked only wealthy women across the Canadian territory. Systematically they stole their data and banking passwords and relieved all funds they might have deposited. The traditional means of tracking electronic fraud had not worked and this case astonished them all. No spyware, sniffers, or Trojan horses. Not a malware in SQL. Not an evidence of cloning sites or phishing e-mails or known scams. Up to now they failed to locate the source of the fake IP. How had they done it? To complicate everything even further, among the victims there were no known connections, other than the fact that they were all loaded women. To make everything worse, the case had fallen into the interest of the press, which caused their superior to determine it a priority.

The modus operandi was always the same. All the funds were transferred, although the encrypted data stored in the financial systems remained the same. Despite this, the hacked financial institutions didn’t seem to know where the funds were transferred to, as the internal codes were switched. It was as if the money had never existed. It had already happened four times, with different women and different independent financial institutions. Derek had considered internal involvement and interrogated numerous employees, without success.

This is the first of three books in the Master of Criminals series.

“Master of Criminals,” a gripping international crime novel by A.J. Reyes, is available in the Apple iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, Google Play, All Romance ebooks, Sony, and Coffeetime Romance.

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The Seed

An Ironic Political Thriller

An Ironic Political Thriller

The new U.S. President is a ruthless scoundrel.  His activist son, Diego, discovers that his father conspired with the CEO of a major oil company and the dictator of Venezuela to manipulate the oil markets, causing high gas prices, and ensuring his election as a drill friendly president.  Diego’s environmental action group exposes the President’s illegal act, unleashing a firestorm of criticism against the president, and several nasty murder attempts against Diego by the big oil CEO.  The President’s troubles increase when a mistress comes forward claiming to be carrying his child, his wife sues for divorce, and the dictator of Venezuela invades neighboring countries to control their oil, and threatens the U.S. with an attack of donated North Korean nuclear missiles if the U.S. tries to intervene.  And this is only a small part of this tangled tale of intrigue and struggle for power.  Diego and the President both try to take control of this out-of-control situation, but many surprising twists and turns finally lead to an unexpected resolution.  

Edward Perez, the President Elect of the United States of America, was clearing out his office at Perez Petroleum in downtown Chicago.  It was not an easy task for him to relinquish control of the business he had founded in a parched Texas town over forty years ago.  He had started out with nothing, building Perez Petroleum into the second largest, privately held, gas and oil exploration company in the United States with many additional overseas contracts.  By cleverly leveraging his humble beginnings, the exploding worldwide energy crisis – and with the help of major Republican backing, and corporate money – he had overcome all opposition to his candidacy – despite the heroic efforts to defeat him by the environmentalists and (what Ed called) the dippity-do liberals.


Diego was ushered into the President’s private office.  He was surprised to find an extremely handsome Mediterranean looking young man already waiting. 

“Diego…,” the President extended his hand.  This President did not do hugs.  “Glad you could make it at such short notice.”

“Dad.”  Diego acknowledged his father.  “You wanted to see me privately?”  He questioningly nodded towards the young man.

“Yes.  Delicate matter.  But important.”  He turned to the stranger.  “Have you two met?”

Diego answered, “No.  Why is he here?”

“Well, let’s just say it’s about a domestic matter that concerns you and Brandon.  This is Mohammad Hamam.  He’s one of our FBI agents on special assignment.  He was chosen for his very unique talents, and he has a little story you might find enlightening.”

Mohammad smiled and leaned back.  “Sweet – very sweet.  This is when I really love my work.”  He was sitting on a sofa and patted the cushion next to him, inviting Diego to join him. 

“Okay spill it, what’s the deal?”

“Guess where I was this afternoon?”

“I don’t know – Saskatchewan.”

“Doing your buddy in the men’s room at the UIC library.”

Diego turned grey and quickly looked up at his father.  “Whatis this?”

“I was assigned to seduce your – what’s his name? – Brandon.”

“Just wanted you to see what your partner is really like,” Ed smirked.  “Isn’t it time you dumped the jerk?”


Ed ushered Lia down the hall to his room, closing the door softly behind them.

“How did you get rid of the agents?” Lia asked.

“Sent one to check the parimeter of the house, and the other to check on Carmella.”

“But you’ve left yourself exposed.”

“Only to you.”  Ed rather aggressively led her to the bed, throwing her back onto the spread, and himself on top of her.  “You just drive me crazy, you minx.” 

“Is everything all right in there, sir?  Do you need assistance?” an agent asked through the door.

“Lia whispered, “Ask him how he is at unfastening bra straps.” 

“The Seed,” an ironic political thriller by Jon McDonald, filled with deceit, espionage, suspense, sex, and more, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, the Amazon stores, Rainbow ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Bookstrand, Coffeetime Romance, and All Romance ebooks.  Our website is  This book is also available in print.

For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

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Bloodlines – The Quest

Bloodlines - The Quest

Paranormal (Vampire) Fiction

A renegade vampire arrives in a small Ohio town bent on destroying a colony of mutant vampires (neither fully vampire nor fully human), which he believes to be an inferior disgrace to the true vampire race.  The renegade Volter hopes to expose the mutants by turning the blame for his ensuing bloody rampage upon them, hoping they will be destroyed by the citizens once their identity is revealed.  When a local amateur detective and his friends become involved in the fight to eradicate Volter, they discover very quickly that Volter is a formidable force not easily defeated. 

Filled with humor, horror, adventure, thrills and chills, this is a vampire story unlike any other.

Volter had major plans for the evening, and he began with the roller coaster called “The Snapper.”  He snuck into the back of the ride and positioned himself to leap into the last car as the ride filled.  A scrawny high school kid balked at being seated next to Volter, but the ride attendant forced him to sit there.  The boy gave Volter nervous glances as the ride got underway.  Volter had prepared his little surprise for when the cars reached the very top of the first incline before rapidly plunging below.  Arching over the apex was a large lighted sign that read:  THE SNAPPER – For the thrill of a Lifetime!  Just as the car reached the top, Volter snatched the kid next to him from under the security bar, and with a quick twist snapped his neck.  Volter leapt from the car as it hesitated before plunging to its first fall, and strung the body from a light bar extending from the sign, awaiting the next cars of the roller coaster to discover his gruesome trophy.

His next little jest was at “The House of Horrors”, a ride through a dark and spooky haunted house.  Volter arrived at the vampire display and he could hear the cars starting out at the beginning of the ride with the screams of the delighted patrons.  He hid and waited for the cars to reach his station.  As the cars passed and the riders ducked and screamed, Volter reached into the last car and pulled out a pretty blond girl that would fit the dungeon décor to a T.  He quickly dispatched her with a bloody rip of her neck, and detached the fake victim from the mechanical vampire.  He masterfully inserted his new, and very real, victim to the Fun House Vampire, and waited with great anticipation for the next ride to come by to see how masterfully he had recreated the display.

“Bloodlines – The Quest,” a vampire fiction story by Jon McDonald, filled with humor, mystery, adventure, suspense and more, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, the Amazon stores, Rainbow ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Bookstrand, Coffeetime Romance, and All Romance ebooks.  Our website is  This book is also available in print.

For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

Below are a few individual links to “Bloodlines – The Quest” in the iBookstores, by country: - Australia - Canada - Great Britain - Ireland - Brazil - Switzerland


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Men Overboard!

Men Overboard

Gay Cruise Mystery with Lots of Humor

Hairstylist Aaron Turner doesn’t consider himself overweight; just under height.  As stylish as he is outgoing, he brings a Carrie Bradshaw like wardrobe in extra large and a fierce attitude to this adventure on the high seas, not knowing that a killer has come along for the week long cruise as well. 

Friends Aaron Turner and Phillip Baxter have not yet settled in when the bodies begin piling up.  The best pals begin to think the passengers of the Titanic booked better tickets when they find themselves linked to the dead bodies.  Becoming suspects, they must clear their names before the ship returns to Fort Lauderdale.  Without a weapon, Aaron is left with only his wit to try and capture a killer before he becomes part of the body count. 

Luckily, his tongue is as sharp as his styling razor, so he is up to the task with flair and bravado!

Southern Dawn.  Sounds like a drag queen from Memphis,” Aaron Turner said while looking up at the huge ship.  His friend Phillip Baxter did not reply.  “Swimming pools, luxury spa, two dining rooms, three bars all spread over twelve decks,” the stout man adjusted a pair of vintage Chanel sunglasses perched on the end of his round nose.  The cruise they were embarking on had been planned by Phillip as a holiday surprise for him and his now ex, a muscular young beauty who in the course of their relationship had done more tricks than Criss Angel.  Phillip was going to cancel the cruise but Aaron, his best friend and one of Seattle’s leading hairstylists, begged, threatened, whined and cajoled until they found themselves on the gangway that bright February morning. 

“You haven’t been on a vacation in six years and have already paid, so take me!  It’ll be fun.  If you don’t go now, when?  Are you gonna wait until Streisand goes back to Broadway or the Pope begins performing gay weddings?”

With friends like Aaron, you did not need enemies.  Aggression worked well for him.  Like Tallulah Bankhead, he was the kind of guy who had “slept with men, women and the odd piece of furniture.”  The hairstylist was on vacation and nothing short of a Lusitania style tragedy was going to stop him from cramming fun into every second.  Men equaled fun so he wanted to get the lay of the land as soon as possible. 

Humming, Aaron left the spacious cabin, moving down the long narrow corridor smiling and saying, “Hello darling!” to everyone he met, one of his standard greetings.  His smile widened with each step as he ogled his fellow passengers. 

This time out the great ship was not going to be filled with honeymooners, retirees or fish belly white business people looking for midwinter fun and sun.  Southern Dawn had been chartered by a gay cruise company and was packed stem to stern with gay men of all vanilla, leather, twink, drag, bear and gymbot persuasion.  The voyage would also include a sprinkling of female friends and lesbians who liked to party with their boys. 

Going down a wide set of stairs Aaron turned down another long corridor, happily pushing his way through the crowds of men going in and out of cabin doorways.  Near the end of the long hallway, Aaron could not help but stop next to the partially open door of a balcony view cabin.  A young shirtless blond was sprawled in one of the club chairs, head back, rosebud shaped lips slightly parted.  His radiant beauty caught Aaron’s breath.  Stepping closer to the doorway, the hairstylist looked in for a moment before clearing his throat. 

Aaron broke men into three categories: those who were convinced they would always be in long term relationships; those who thought Mr. Right was never to be found; and those in his favorite category who knew how to flirt and enjoyed the buffet of men that life offered.  Aaron could have sex, a date and be engaged with a series of different guys all in the space of one evening out.  The popular stylist felt that, like soda and abs, boys should be six packed. 

Getting no response from the young man in the chair, Aaron stretched out a hand and tapped on the open door. 

“Helllooo,” he called a bit louder and getting no reply, he stepped into the sunlit cabin.  While he and Phillip had flown all night from Seattle, this kid must have come in on a high from Maui Wowie from the way he was zonked out.  Reaching over to stroke a hand onto the bare, tan skin of the young man’s muscular shoulder, Aaron smiled, then recoiled his fingers. 

The sun bronzed flesh was cold to his touch.  Stepping in between the wide spread legs of the young blond, Aaron chanced a further peek over into his face to find a pair of bright blue eyes open and staring back at him blankly.

“Men Overboard,” a murder mystery packed with humor and adventure on a gay cruise, by James Brock, is available in the Apple iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, All Romance ebooks, Sony, and Coffeetime Romance. 

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Where the Road Roams

Where the Road Roams

Story of Love, Loss, Sex and Lies

Unjustly sent to rehab by his father, Dean is now out and he begins his search for the brother he left behind, the brother he tried to protect.  A silver key holds the truth and a tattoo is the calling card of those to avoid, but both will lead him back to his brother.  Facing his fears along the way, as well as facing those he knows he cannot trust, Dean wonders if he will ever find the way back to his past and to the brother he tried hard to protect from the same man who sent him away.  If only he knew what happened to his brother.  He will find him and make things right, one way or another.

Night descends on the Montrose.  It is steamy and humid from the afternoon rain and sun.  The streets change as different denizens come out of the woodwork.  Rounding off Taft to turn left on Westheimer, Dean hesitantly passes a transsexual prostitute. 

“Hey, Cutie.” 

The imploring comment gives him the creeps.  Ignoring it, he picks up his pace trying not to notice her manly self that is stuffed into a size six faux leather tube dress.  A car pulls up to the curb and the heels click over to the driver’s side.  At that moment a truck drives by with a couple of drunken rednecks.  One of them yells, “Count your money and get in the car!” 

Dean is unsure whether to laugh or walk faster. 

The parking lot is littered and grimy.  Moisture glistens with a dull sheen off of the cement walls of the structure.  Bulbs slowly chase around a marquee of upcoming shows.  Seeing the short line to get in, Dean checks himself out.  Pants dryer but passable, he runs his hand through his hair in an attempt to fix.  Silently he stands at the end while Goth kids in front whisper.  Nerves feeling jangled, the line inches closer.  Long plastic flaps hang down in the doorway like a meat locker. The pale black clad teens disappear inside.  Dean reaches out parting a way and the black interior engulfs him.  A counter is walled in to the left with a black velvet rope and stanchions cutting a path. 

“Six dollars,” an older once bleached blonde door guy demands monotone. 

Dean digs out a five and a one and is banded by a long hair goateed hippy type.  Dean pulls his arm away and follows the bendy wall into the club.  Lasers and flashing strobes go with the beat of the 80’s retro new wave blaring over the crowd.  Punks, Goths, skinheads of all sorts commingle in a straight / gay whatever type environment.  Scanning for Mark almost makes him feel epileptic and he averts his eyes from others that seek him out. 


“Look, I just want to find Mark.” 

“He left because of you.” 

“No…he left because of our father.” 

Matt introspects, “He didn’t mention him much.” 

“I suppose he wouldn’t.” 

“Maybe he doesn’t want to see you.” 

Dean is angry but a realization hits him and he looks Matt in the eye seeing the hurt for the first time.  “You don’t know where he is.” 

Matt’s eyes harden.  “Not lately.” 

“Why did you bring me here?” 

“To see what you know ‘cause he owes us.” 


Dean reluctantly takes a twenty, walks to the stage and raises it.  Brim gives him an odd look and smiles, lowering down on his haunches. 

“How you doing, baby?” 

Dean smells the baby oil and looks into his green eyes.  “I need to talk to you, later.” 

“Oh yeah,” Brim smiles wider, getting ‘it’. 

Dean adds, “About Mark.” 

Brim’s demeanor changes and he reaches over, lightly touching Dean’s neck causing him to flinch.  “Turn around.” 

Dean looks at him and half turns.  “I’m not one of them.  I’m his brother.” 

Brim, satisfied, stands back part way, thumbs in the front of his t-back, and motions with his head.  Dean bends the bill the way the other did when he observed.  Brim pulls the Lycra material forward, giving a good view of what he knows Dean wants.  Dean gulps and puts the twenty in.  Brim grabs his hand, pushing it against his sex for a moment.  Dean slowly pulls away, sweat on his palm.  The t-back snaps back into place. 

Brim mouths the words, “Wait for me.” 

Dean, slightly dazed and feeling more self conscious in the tight fitting jeans, goes back to the bar.  Another Jack and Coke in a tall glass slides across the bar to him free of charge. 

“So…are you going to get a ‘Brim-job’ later?” 

“Where the Road Roams,” a story of love, loss, sex and lies (GLBT fiction) by David Sharp, is available in the Apple iBookstores, B&N, Sony, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, All Romance ebooks, and coming soon to Amazon.  Our website is  

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A Country Adventure

A Country Adventure

Romantic Comedy

When Gary and Gordy receive a generous offer to teach two young cardiology interns, they eagerly accept.  Neither has been to the Midwest, and the picturesque town is a perfect replication of its Holland home, teeming with tulips and windmills.  After making themselves comfortable in the cozy cottage built by the original Dutch settler of the small town, Gary and Gordy soon begin to notice a few very unsettling oddities about the dwelling. 

Gary’s face lit up at the thought of another adventure.  “Where is it, Gordy?” 

“Just says small Midwestern town.  Please call for directions.” 

“You think it’s for real, Gordy?” 

Gordy turned the sheet of paper over a few times.  “Has to be, Gary.  The senior members of our very prestigious department lack the sense of humor required to pull off a stunt like this.  Let’s make the call.” 


After a quick night of packing and a few hours of sleep, the daring duo of doctors was boarding a plane for a few days of teaching and a few nights in somewhat questionable accommodations. 

“Ahh, the country, Gary.  Is there anything like it?” 

The two young doctors breathed deeply, filling their lungs with the fresh country air.  The taxi driver had dropped them off at the park, but had then quickly driven away. 

“What was his problem?” 

“Couldn’t say, Gary, old boy.  Perhaps the man is allergic to flowers and fresh air.” 


The shadow on the wall was the perfect likeness to the picture of the widow that was on the wall of the bedroom. 

“Damn, Gary.  Let’s look outside.” 

“No way, my friend.  I’m not that crazy.” 

 Gordy was out of the bed and jumping into his jeans before Gary could stop him. 

This romantic comedy is available at Amazon US and UK, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, Rainbow ebooks, All Romance ebooks, and 1Place for Romance.  Coming soon to the six Apple iBookstores.  Also available in Spanish at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.

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Holidays Our Way

Holidays Our Way

Holiday adventures

Gary and Gordy, having met this past summer at a medical convention, have quickly become friends and lovers.  Their passion for each other has grown stronger as they have shared their one unique, and what some may consider quite peculiar, interest.  Gary and Gordy are obsessed with places which are either known to be haunted or are at least rumored to be, and their excursions to discover the latest haunted site have taken the two lovers around the globe.  With the holidays rapidly approaching, the two young doctors eagerly await their next expedition.

This story of romance, mystery, and eroticism is available at Amazon US and UK, Barnes & Noble, Trapezium ebooks, All Romance, and soon in the iBookstores.  For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.

Also available in Spanish – Navidad Nuestra Manera - from Amazon.

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